Community: Gears 5 Multiplayer Designer Responds to my Skill Video (Fantastic Interaction)

First of all let’s say a massive thankyou to Ryan for taking time out to watch the video and respond. Go say thanks to him. Either way I just enjoy feedback. 3 weeks ago I had to ask a friend to sign into youtube and comment on the video as I got 0 views. 3 weeks later the lead Dev tweeted like 60times directly at me. Thats pretty foooking amazing from my perspective. I couldn’t have expected that. I hope you enjoyed the content :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support all!


You rock Bro. I repost your video on these forums often. How Gears of War reduced the skill gap. Hands down the best video take on the subject on YouTube or I would go as far as to say the entire web for that matter! SPOT ON!
I wrote about the subject myself. I dunno why Coalition feels the need to bend over for non skilled players. Frustrating and flat out annoying.
I have a simple solution. Keep this Arcade no skill Gears 5 style for unranked play. You can have the aim assists or can turn it off to practice. Now on ranked mode have Gears 1 mechanics full range of motion no trigger freezes especially while wall bouncing no holds bard with no aim assists! Make Gears Great Again!

thanks so much!

Outstanding Video! Thank You. The illusion that you should appease the new player base with a call of duty type game is stupid. I agree in six months the game will tank, if not already. The NO SKILL GAP marketing is going to be a fail.

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I watched the video. It has pros and cons about gameplay. One thing that came to mind was the roll. It used to be part of one’s arsenal in defence and offence. Slowly it fell off the gameplay radar.
I didn’t play Gears 4, but I played 1, 2, and 3. And I don’t know why it’s down played. Its your only movement in open space besides step walking in a battle .Without aim assists the roll was a tool to get the player to miss so you can counter. Or get your self out of a jam or bad angle. Then reingage. One of my fav moves was the side roll shotgun head pop. Now since the shotgun battle is downplayed so bad in Gears 5 with aim assist the roll is useless. Now you just use it to jump to cover. So my question is since they already took the offence out of the roll, why delay it?


Yea I used to love faking ppl to chase me round a corner in 1or2 just to roll sideways and end up behind them as they fired at where they expected to find me

Now, said shot would land

And that aint right

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Absolutely hate the center screen aiming. Bullets need to come from the muzzle. And muzzle only,

Wall canceling can’t be taken out, it’s become to fabricated into the game, I believe this is why stopping power is in the game, to slow down the wall cancel.

There shouldn’t be a delay on rolling or strafing. I personally used the strafe in previous games WAY more then the bounce, I can’t do it anymore because of the nerfs. And rolling needs to feel more free. Perhaps add a mechanic if you roll off a wall it’s got a delay, vs rolling in the open = no delay recovery. Idk not a programmer. I’d much rather no delays in the game, it’s what kills the drive for me.

If all of the delays were gone I would be playing way more.

Future maps need to be designed the way GOW2 did it, nice medium size Symmetrical arenas with 1 power weapons and 2 sub power weapons, teams had to fight it out for the main power weapon in the middle, while still having the sub power weapon to counter. The simple maps have always been the favorites from any game.

Call of Duty famous map: Nuke Town Simple design symmetrical. Best design.

Gears 1 Canals and Gridlock simple and symmetrical. Best Design

Gears 2 Blood Drive, River, Pavilion, Security, and original Jacinto. Symmetrical and simple, Best Design pattern.

Gears 3 Checkout, and Thrashball Stadium symmetrical and simple, Best Design.

All these maps also cater to one thing, close range in your face action.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this

I hate how they introduce limitations on what can do in regular game play, as a way of fighting something they see as a problem.

Slide speed reduced to combat wall bounce spamming : but now you can’t slide out of the way of someone’s shot, because it’s like doing Tai Chi when you are sliding

delay to shooting after a roll: to punish people for misrolling while spamming bouncing - but I like to roll ,and it’s a great CQB mechanic when done well is very effective. But not if build your logic on the core assumption that every time I roll I need to be PUNISHED for it!

not a delay, but same idea:

6 rounds in the gnasher: ohhh, we hate shot spamming, so we will limit your ammo and make the reload slower and force you to pay attention to active reload bar if you want to reload in the middle of a gun fight, taking your attention away from combat. So it makes it impossible to have sustained gun fights now, ESPECIALLY with the damage omen which blinds you as soon as you take any real damage…

I miss war machine, fuel depot, tyro station and roof tops(cause i was scary with the hammer)

Yup they all use the same symmetrical arena based system.

Yes, add nuke town to gears please