Community Discussion Stream on Saturday - Join us!

Link to Stream:

I want to be clear and state that we are not pro streamers & are not partnered and make no revenue from this twitch channel. So, while I own the channel, this is solely used for the purpose of hosting community panels.


This Week’s Stream

When: Saturday (8/1/2020) at 2pm (eastern) / 11am (pacific) / 6pm (UTC)

Who: BChaps, JessLL, NeonVelocity, EmbryStarred

What: This week, the stream is all about cosmetics & unlocks:

  • What Characters/Skins/Emotes/Etc do you want to see in the future
  • How do you think these rewards should be obtained/earned
  • Earning things from PvE, PvP, and Campaign
  • We’ll also hit on some recent community discussions

Where: - VOD will be available the following day HERE


What is this?

Some of you may know me as your friendly neighborhood reddit mod. Others may know me from the Tac-Com Youtube Channel. And some may not recognize me at all…so hi! Before joining reddit or picking up video editing, I was just an avid Gears community member and forumer.

A while back some forumers and I decided to start “Tac-Com”, a community-driven discussion stream. We would hop on after any major announcement and discuss the game. We’d talk news, community topics, and just have fun sharing our thoughts. We wanted a place for the community to have their voice heard. We were “For the community, By the community”.

As things settled, the stream/panel kinda died off. Well, I’m trying to resurrect it. I’d like to have a regular series of streamed panels where the community can come and discuss views. We’ll host a series of panels covering various topics, and give a place for community members to voice their opinion. I want this to be “for the community, by the community”, so I won’t limit it to content creators or even just people who share the same views as me. I really want this to be an open place for live discussion.

If you have any suggestions for topics or panelist, be sure to let us know!


For anyone interested, our previous stream can be found here:

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Perhaps u can get dana on???:rofl:

Nice idea tho👍

Way back in the day I hosted a panel, and PezRadar crashed the party. It was actually a great discussion. So yeah, maybe Dana could be on sometime. I fallbhim out on a lot of stuff… Only fair that he has a chance to defend himself :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly though, I’d LOVE to have a PvE focused on and have Michael on… Or a PvP focused one with Jonathan or Jamie on… But idk how well that’d go over with TC.

Need one of they voice changer set ups and have them hide behind their chair.

Bumping this…we are now live!

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