Community Challenge - Solo every Hive on Master with every Class (Discord for coordination)

Hello everyone

If you’re reading this post, it sounds like you’re interested in participating or just want to tag along the progress.

You read this correctly. The goal is to solo every single official hive (not community hives) with every single class on Master.

For coordination purposes, I’m setting up a Discord (in progress) which you can join right here:

The way it’s supposed to be “coordinated” in a way is to assign the players who participate a class with which they will try to complete the hives with. If someone else wants to complete a hive with a certain class, they’ll have to contact the “assignee” to let them know.

Anyways, here’s the list of hives that have been soloed already (work in progress obviously, I just set it up today):!Ag9UWHQHbsIjmS_Bm89rqJ4WL8EH?e=3UAjjn


I think I’m going to try to solo Labirynth with every class.
I’ve done it as Demo, Robotics Expert, Pilot, Gunner, Brawler, Veteran and Architect.

Add - Beetle soloed The Warren with every character.


I already sent him a message too.
I’m trying to put everything together in that Discord, a bit easier to do it there. So if you could just join there and put all the vids in there, I can update the list accordingly. :slight_smile:

Couple of my runs are not on YT. I did them but haven’t uploaded since interest is not there any more.

All my Lahni Solos are up on my channel. Ive solod all of them except for like 5 or 6. All the upload dates are the same day I completed the hive as well. And the title has the Operation that I completed the hive.

Don’t know of this helps though.

So does each person need to commit to doing a hive with all classes? As in commit to all 19 runs? Cos I’m not sure I have the patience nor ability to carry this through for all classes. I was thinking of taking The Blight, but I can see myself struggling with Striker.

If you would be so kind to join the Discord and put the video links in there, that would certainly help. :slight_smile: Then I can add them to the list. Coordinating it here in the forums may cause a bit of a mess.

The idea was that people could choose a class with which they attempt to solo all hives (or at least the ones that haven’t been soloed yet). It seems like the focus might be shifting on “hive” instead of “class” which is fine for me too.

At the moment I’m still compiling the list of hives that have already been done. You don’t HAVE to do them all, it’s possible that some hives might be near impossible to beat with a certain class solo, you’re save to skip those and give the ball to someone else to attempt it.

Okay will attempt to. I know every hive has been solod by blademaster just I, myself, havent solod them all with BM. Just the majority.

I did Robotics Expert on The Hive a few months ago (forgot to record but have a post that details it)

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Oh jeez… That’s pretty hard. I’ve only ever solo’d a handful of hives, but only using the stronger classes. I’ve done The Clock (as Cole/Brawler); The Blight (as Keegan/Tactician); Forever (as Mac/Anchor - with an almost full spawn of enemies); The Warren (Cole/Brawler); Venom Run (Kait/Infiltrator; and Cole/Brawler) and Labyrinth (Fahz/Marksman). I haven’t tried any others.

I doubt I’ll be able to do that. I can envision myself getting stuck certain hives. Gatekeepers, Surge, The Split, The End… even Sire-heavy hives like The Mist and The Hunters will be very tough and have little room for error.

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No offence but I’m looking for video evidence. Putting in a thread of how to theoretically do it into the list instead of having video-proof is a bit odd.

That’s why this is supposed to be a community challenge. It’s a total of 576 runs (in theory). Pulling that off all alone is a massive amount of time you’ll have to put in yourselves.

As long as we have multiple people participating, we can eventually have multiple people trying the though ones at the same time, potentially figuring out new methods to approach certain hives or whatever.

Nobody is forced to beat them all with a certain class. Beating 1 or 2 already helps completing the list eventually.

Sadly, I can’t have a Video Recording to its Challenge, but I would like to join, maybe with descriptive thread only :thinking:.

Feel free to join the Discord to share and discuss potential approaches to beat a certain hive with a specific class.

For the time-being I’m still only gathering already completed runs though. Inputs are probably only needed for less commonly used classes in the trickier hives.

I’ll happily participate and have done just over 20 solo runs already :blush:

It’s probably worth adding some instructions for how to record up to 60 minutes of gameplay on an Xbox (for those who’d like to participate but not sure how to capture footage).

What you’ll need:

• A USB 3.0 flash drive (recommended minimum capacity – 16 GB)
• Any Xbox that can play Gears 5
• A YouTube channel
• A PC or a laptop to upload and edit footage (doesn’t have to be anything flashy, this will be basic editing)

Step 1 – prepare the USB drive for footage capture:

  1. Plug the USB drive into your PC (sadly I can only provide instructions for Windows PCs)
  2. Right-click on the drive and select Format
  3. Change file system dropdown to NTFS
  4. Rename the drive in volume label window
  5. Click Start to format the drive. Once formatted – the drive is ready for use with an Xbox!

Step 2 – set up footage capture and the USB on your Xbox:

  1. Power on your Xbox
  2. Plug the newly formatted USB drive into one of the USB ports on your Xbox
  3. Accept the message that pops up
  4. Toggle the Xbox / home button on your controller and head over to Settings (top right)
  5. Look for Capture Settings and head over to Capture Location
  6. Select your USB drive from the dropdown list and confirm if prompted
  7. The USB drive should now allow you to capture up to 60 mins of gameplay!

Step 3 – record gameplay:

  1. Fire up Gears 5
  2. Once you are ready to start recording, toggle the Xbox / home button on your controller
  3. Head over to Settings (top right) and look for Start Recording or something similar
  4. Your Xbox will now start capturing footage
  5. The quickest way to confirm you are recording is to head back to Settings menu and check if the footage timer is running, it’ll say something like 00:01/01:00
  6. When you’ve finished playing simply head over to Setting once again and look for Stop Recording or something similar

Step 4 – edit the gameplay:

I’m using the Video Editor (which is part of the Photos app built in to Windows 10) to simply trim or split the recorded footage – more details here:

Step 5 – upload gameplay to YouTube:

  1. Head over to on your PC / laptop
  2. Create an account (if you haven’t got one already)
  3. Use the Create > Upload Videos button in the top right to upload

The Gauntlet is somehow pretty hard to solo with Gunner.

Will edit to show some experience after it.

I don’t know if it’s possible to Run through 3 Waves.

Edit 1:

After my 2 hours failed attempts, some experience with Gunner to shared with you that it’s fine in Wave 1. The Wave 2 is the problem when you don’t have time to use Longshot to kill the Bastions while the Juvies are rushing to you, so I choose to lock them in the Supply Room.

The real challenge is the Wave 3 Bastions with Scions & Warden. There’re maybe some Imagos rushing to you after Warden appears, so the point is that you have a Scion & Warden chasing to you, and you don’t have time to kill the Imagos. I have tried to use Ultimate to rush to the exit, but unfortunately the RNG are the Elite Grenadiers, so I can nearly reach to the exit.

There’re more than 7 Types of RNG in Wave 1 - which are

  1. Salvo Scion & Buzzkill Scion

  2. Stump & Salvo Scion

  3. Stump & Dropshot Scion

  4. Dropshot Scion & Ice Scion

  5. Mulcher Scion & Salvo Scion

  6. Mulcher Scion & Ice Scion

  7. Dropshot Scion & Buzzkill Scion

Cards I require

  • Reflect Shredder (Must Have)

  • Heavy Shell (Must Have)

  • Sole Survivor (Must Have)

  • Concussive Explosives

  • Bait Armor (Optional) - to have some Resistance while waiting for the Ultimate and Rush again

The biggest challenge is tackling bastions, however I don’t see it being impossible with the right RNG :slightly_smiling_face: A guaranteed Torque Bow and a heavy weapon right at the very start, plus Gunner’s Ultimate, it’s definitely doable!

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Yeah, I agree nothing is impossible, but it’s not easy after my 1.5 hours failed attempts.

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I might try a few hives as Nomad. I know I’ve done The Decent and the second act of The Choke (when teammates had to leave and I decided to push on for a few hours).

No video proof yet, though. I’m not sure that I have a good way of recording. Xbox DVR can be kinda limited in how far back you can record, and although I can also play the game on PC (in which I have OBS), but it suffers from audio stuttering that I have Been unable to figure out how to fix.