Commando Dom is Swarm today!

He is the first one under Swarm :joy::joy:




I had got an Onyx Guard as a Swarm! :grin:

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Is that plastic on your tv?

I had Blood Red Reyna on the COG team and her color of blue looked really sick (sadly I’m on OG xbox one, so I can’t really tell how good it looks on high resolution and stuff).



I thought I was tripping balls when I played a quick play match with a Swarm Hunter on the CoG side.

CoG team kept shooting their own team mate and this Hunter is shouting Dom or Marcus voicelines.

It just has to be funny at this point, right.


Wait, her color actually changes to blue if on the COG? This intrigues me.

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Yep, when I first saw her during the countdown. I was like daamn, that looks pretty cool (even her eyes were blue).

I also saw a clip of someone playing as Black Steel Savage Kantus and his lights were blue when he was on the COG team, and it actually looked pretty clean.

First Karn and now Dom on Swarm? And there’s more reports of Swarm/Locust characters on the COG team with blue lights, I’m getting even more suspicious at this point on what this is implying for PvE

Someone saw Karn on the COG team and he had blue lights and glowing blue eyes. I find it really weird this happening now and the fact those characters has blue lights on their characters even though they’re not playable in PvE

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This seems to happen at the beginning of each operation.

Guess he’s over Maria now.


Can’t beat em, join em.

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Collaborator Dom is best skin.

It could be that the coding of the lights are connected somehow (I don’t know a lot about coding, but I kinda understand it -ish) and it changes automatically for team like the Markza with greenish yellow and the lambents hammerburst are yellow. I also saw one of the COG gear that had white lights when they started killing their own teammates a few operations ago.

Still… it’s weird how it fits them instead of being offset, glitchy, or keeping the red color on them even if they are on COG. Like, why would the color change from their original?

But I’ll just bet that it’s the coding, cuz it’s TC these days.

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Better than turkey farmer Dom?

You love just talking about Turkeys huh?

Thanksgiving is so far away too.

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I can tell by the way he carries himself the turkeys conquered him. Probably why Maria left him in the first place.

Imagine losing your wife going back to the turkeys and the humiliation they forced him.

Lots of lore left out about this in Gears 3.