Commando Cog Gears

I think they were aiming for a southern accent with Akagi. She kinda sounds like Hana with a few changes.

Ghetto is used to describe a slum area, usually occupied by minorities. When you say that someone has a “ghetto” accent, you are saying that, due to their accent, they are from those types of areas.

From wikipedia, “The term has deep cultural meaning in the United States, especially in the context of segregation and civil rights; as such, it has been widely used in the country to refer to inner-city neighborhoods that are mainly poor.”

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Casan is voiced by Debra Wilson (also voices Mikayla)
Akagi is voiced by Erika Ishii

Vermelo is voiced by Eric Lopez
Sanguino is voiced by Gabriel Oliva


That’s not what racism is and for the record I used to live in the ghetto/slums/poor neighborhood (or whatever you want to call it) myself when growing up and going by your logic and his then the term “minorities” is also “racist” since it’s just a low key way of identifying us black folk.

Whether you wanna call the accent “from the streets” or “from the hood” or “gangsta” it really doesn’t matter since anyone from any race / ethnic background can speak like that if they wanted and personally I don’t care if people outside my race talk like that because its just a form of speaking at the end of the day.


Guys. Its literally just a post saying a character sounds like Lizzie. Its really not that serious.


For real

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Ok and? Just because I like to have discussions with people online doesn’t mean I take everything seriously, look in a mirror before posting that.

They choose to say Facts when your Ear is much clear than Facts.

I was only going to post that Akagi sounded southern to me, but then you asked why someone called you racist.
I have no idea if @The_Fatal_FX was being sincere or not. All I did was explain why what you said came off as racist.

I was expecting different VA’s but they sound like more subdued versions of Vermello and Cassan. Wouldn’t surprise me if these characters were considered to be COG gear skins at one point but given there own slot just so they can pad out the roster some more.

Totally agree Op,played the female yesterday.Nicely done TC👍🏻


They did use different voice actors though.

Male one does sound similar to vermello but the female one sounds nothing like Casan one bit.

Either way, its nice to have more COG units, still hoping for the NCOG gears to make a return.

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This is hilarious. TC can’t even win one. Just one time.

If they make them alternative cog gear skins, they’re lazy and recycling content.
If they make them new characters with new voice actors, they’re just trying to pad out the roster.


I honestly hope they give the NCOG marine skin for the COG commando but I doubt it since it was Vermello originally.

I mean to be fair, people in ‘ghettos’ tend to have different voice inflections and ways of life all together. It’s not necessarily racist as it may be insensitive or stereotypical. Insinuating that it’s racist because only certain numbers of the population are commonly in ghettos seems more on the racist side.

From a certain point of view… and from a realistic one, it’s more classist than racist. I’ve known many people (in my 10 years of conscious being) white, black or otherwise from the “bad side” of my small rural town that have very very different inflections and speaking patterns than people from the better sides of the town.

Sorry for the rant but it just feels oxymoronic to apply the label “racist” when it’s not the proper context.

“Ususally” the ghettos of the world often occupy people of all races, and insinuating that it’s racist to refer to someone as ‘from the ghetto’ on the basis that “Most people from the ghetto are minorities” seems more racist than the original statement itself. Assigning minorities to the term ghetto is in-fact just as bad in my mind as the original, not incorrect but insensitive statement.

Didn’t mean to get too philosophical here it just didn’t feel right to me and I oppose the use of the label ‘racist’ when not in the right context. Poor choice of words for sure, I think “Slang” or “Street Talk” would’ve been better.

That’s my two cents, I think the example used was in poor choice and the implications of the word “Ghetto” go far beyond race (if not a variable in it) and more into class. While predominantly and often seen as a race thing, it is not solely as such and the implications of a “Ghetto” accent shouldn’t be labeled as racist just because ghettos are predominantly minorities. It’s a proper if not inconsiderate way of describing a person’s being and conditions.


I said initially. I don’t have an issue telling the voices apart now.

Edit : Meant to be reply for @RivalSky6321907, but the forum decided to be stupid and change it to a normal reply.

Is it not more racist to automatically assume that someone from the ghetto is of a particular race?:thinking:

Edit: looks like @Buster_McTunder already did a nice job addressing this.


I don’t want to derail this thread any further.

When I used the word minorities, to explain how @RivalSky6321907’s use of the word “ghetto” sounds racist, it doesn’t mean “one race”, or “a particular race”. There is an s at the end of minorities for a reason. It doesn’t even have to be tied to race. I only paraphrased the definition of “ghetto” from wikipedia.

Casan’s voice sounds pretty normal to me. Saying that she has a “ghetto” voice is concerning. Why use that type of word to describe her voice?

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Closing as the thread has been answered :slight_smile: