Commando Cog Gears

Gotta say I’m liking these new characters more and more. Female commando cog sounds like Lizzie actually.
Is it just me?


Yes, I Do.

The Male is something like UIR Soilder.

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Still haven’t tried them, I don’t have enough Iron so I got to wait when they will be purchasable with Coins.

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It’s just you, after listening to more of her lines I could tell it’s not the same voice actress. Two different girls.

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Listen It Again especially the “Boo” Expression

I did and they sound nothing alike, the female cog commando sounds like the actress playing the nerdy girl from the Thor movies (not Natalie Portman but the character’s friend)

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Stellan Skarsgård


The actor you’re talking about, is Stellan Skarsgård

The woman that played Darcy?

I thought she sounds like Lizzie too but people keep telling me I’m crazy. Lol

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Take it from me that I really don’t think the female Commando sounds like Lizzis. Initially I had trouble discerning how different the voice was from Casan, though.

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Sad, we’re the Minority :cry:

The VA’s were mentioned on twitter but I cant get it to load currently.

Ah the ugly girl and her uglier friend.

Sorry Anakin, there’s better sand on the beach.

Edit: nvm, I realize you meant the old physicist guy. Thought she had a female friend.

How would you have trouble? Casan has a street ghetto type of voice while the female cog commando has a cute nerdy girl type of voice. You can easily hear the difference when you play escape when they speak more often in various tones of voices.

That’s racist

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How is labeling a type of accent racist? Please elaborate

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The woman named Darcy? I think she’s ok although I think the actress that played as one of Thor’s friends (the only girl of his group) was cuter.