Coming back after a week of no play. Aim is incredibly bad

Anyone else experience the worst aim when not playing a game entirely for one week? It takes me about 2-3 hours to warm up after a week of not playing any kind of game. A guy could be walking straight in front of me and I’d miss the shot. My movement is there from a week ago, but this only makes it worse because my aim takes a bit of time to catch back up haha.

I took a month off and when I came back it made me dizzy playing. And took me about a week to shake the rust. I don’t remember it being my aim specifically. Just bad playing.


I’ve been back playing since Operation 4 hit after a month or so of not playing and I’m such a streaky player.

When I play my first match of the day I can tell pretty soon how the rest of the session is going to go… :joy:

Gears infuriates me normally even when I’m in a good wave of wining and doing good…when I come back and try to chase that same high after not playing it makes me want to smash my controller into my console…i don’t have anger problems either. I’m pretty chill. i let it go.

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Usually takes me half a round to adjust when I take a break from this game.

The connection never helps with how high of a ping this game averages but I digress.

I dunno if it has to do with my age or not, but I’m turning 31 soon. Used to take me much less to warm up. Also I noticed my controller is pretty worn. That might be another reason.

I took a 4 month break. Came back and it took a good week or so to get back to my usual skill level. I usually go a week without playing, generally only have time on the weekends, and it takes at least a round for me to feel like im warmed up enough.
Sometimes I go into private FFA lobbies, these tend to warm me up pretty fast

I feel the same way… i seem to aim where i normally do. Doesn’t seem to work anymore. I haven’t been playing as much as I used to.

My playtime is lacking so much these days that my aiming is nowhere near the pinpoint precision of Gears 3. I fully understand how you feel, trust me.

I put it down to a permanent lack of sleep and having aged badly :joy:

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You guys probably aren’t but just for good measure make sure to not be in the Dev Playlist cause they just did a bunch of bullet magnetism changes that’s gonna make everyone feel less accurate at first

Nah, it’s just me lol

The aiming is just wonky in this game. My shots seem to work most when I just walk around and blind fire.

I think it can also come down to how focused we are at the given moment. And often I’m just slightly missing shots in a row. I do feel like the aiming system could be improved though.