Comic Tai/Native Tai

So, over the course of Gears, we have four different types of “Tai” (GOW2 Tai, Tortured Tai, RS Tai, and Jungle Tai) Currently, Gears 4 holds the Raam’s Shadow version of Tai, or Gears 3 version.
Although, would anyone else wanna see the version of Tai from his origin? The closest (in game) we get to his roots, was Jungle Tai, which just had a special chestplate.
(Image for example)

Anyone else wanna see this? Crazy-wicked tattoos, superb mohawk, and even the loincloth. I mean, the Scions all wear one, and Imagos are naked. How come Tai can’t get in on this?

Sounds good? Alright–I’m sure this will get no negative comments.

Buster Out!

Plus Oscars running around in underwear

Exactly. Tai would at least be badass, and depending on which way of the sexual pendulum you swing-pretty smexy for a toned native man.

I mean what?