Come on TC previous Gears Packs

Come on TC previous Gears Packs Should never take the slot of a new Gear Pack instead run side by side (1) new pack and (1) previous Gear pack that’s how you do it. Give us a new Gear pack and a previous Gear pack side by side. TC said that it take 3 months to bring previous Gears Characters to Gears 4 I say only true to the COG characters because of the voice actors. The Onyx Guard Male and Female
I don’t think they need 3 months of Voice Characters Upgrading why because anyone can do there voice. And none of the Locusts Characters need 3 months of voice Characters upgrading anyone can do there voice I love previous playable Gears Characters would love to see them all make it to Gears 4 this is a good list to work from

Last Seen

Jace Stratton ——————-- Gears UE
Chairman Prescott ————-Gears UE
Onyx Guard ——————— Gears Judgment
Female Onyx Guard ———- Gears Judgement
Adam Fenix ——————— Gears UE
Michael Barrick ——————Gears 3
Alicia Valera ——————— Gears 3
Sofia Hendrick —————— Gears Judgement
Garron Paduk ——————-Gears Judgement
Ezra Loomis ——————-- Gears Judgement
Alex Brand ———————-Gears Judgement

Cyclops ————————-Gears 2
Golden Hunter —————-Gears UE
Hunter —————————Gears 3
Hunter Elite ———————Gears UE
Miner —————————- Gears UE
Savage Hunter —————- Gears 3
Savage Marauder ———— Gears 3
Savage Theron Guard —— Gears UE
Spotter ————————— Gears UE
Theron —————————Gears UE
Rager —————————-Gears Judgement

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Ok. How do you suggest they convince one of the world’s most popular actors (Michael B. Jordan) to step away from his busy life and record voice lines for Jace for such a long period of time? And if it’s true that it takes that amount of time to record lines (let’s assume it does), you reasonably can’t expect Laura Bailey to record lines for Valera and Alex Brand on top of doing Gears 5 and after just having a kid recently!

I’m sorry, but it’s not gonna happen.


Welp it’s all about money you see.

Also I imagine it’s not just the voice actors that are needed to create new characters. There’s audio engineers, animators, coding, and hell if I know what else.

But back to the main point, they’ve probably decided that it’s not cost effective (meaning they’re not going to make as much money) to have a brand new gear pack out every single week especially this late in the game.


Also i think you’d be surprised how many people can’t do voice lines very well. It comes across as cheesy and amateur when just anybody does it.

That’s just my opinion.

With all that said though it would be nice to have a new gear pack every week. With guaranteed characters at 50 credits along with maybe 100,000 credits deposited into everyone’s account and 10XP every day.

Just don’t pretend like this is some brilliant idea and there’s just no earthly reason why it isn’t happening.