Come brag about your skills!

Pretty darn good if I do say so myself!

I absolutely crush it with Kait! I’m not lying, every horde match I play I have double everyone else’s stats. Always 1,000,000+ damage and 400+ kills etc

Who else is a champion?

I’m no where near that level so you’ve made me pretty sad right now :disappointed_relieved:


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and later this evening :slight_smile:

Almost one month ago now if we’re talking rank.


6 days? Dude that’s legendary

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Remind yourself that over-confidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Also Kait is way stronger than most of the roster. JD and Kait are always top in my experience.

What’s being bragged about in this post? I don’t understand haha.


I’ll be hitting general in the next day or 2. All horde characters are 15 or above, re up 8.

Wasn’t sure what we were bragging about so I just listed stuff :joy:


What cards do you use and what strategy?

For Kait I use long reach, laceration, reaper, cloak batteries, and enhanced stim.

A lot of it is mastering the mechanics and using the buyable in-game stats. The most important one is movement speed and then shotgun damage.

Once you have 10/10 speed you can vault backwards and retro-lancer almost everyone or at least get close and unleash gnasher hell and 99% of the time I hip fire.

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