Combat Medic's range limitation on Team Revive (approx. 50m)

If you watch carefully, you can see the Team Revive golden beam in the background coming towards me and just not reaching me.

I estimated it around 50m give or take.

@TC_Shauny @TC_MichaelAOS I’m guessing it makes sense in a way since the CM’s Ultimate “runs out” just like any other Ultimate?


Oh no!

I’m in for The Word of God on this one. Combat Medic has become a recent fave of mine and I don’t recall experiencing this. There have been very occasional “hmph, guess that Team Revive just wasn’t meant to be” moments, but it could have been due to distance upon hindsight.

That CM still technically saved you since he revived AI Casan who got the Lambent off you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Big suprise - Ult is also described as “instant revive” which isn’t true either. But who even cares anymore, TC certainly doesn’t.


That’s actually hilarious in a bad way.


I guess it was done to save resources or something and they assumed that all maps have a diameter of 50 meters (which larger maps are well, bigger) so that is what they set it to.

I wish it was better it rarely feels like you saved the team.

Double the timer and make it take 2 cards or something but it should bring everything back to life tags and all

I know it looks like the revive didn’t reach you, but you were in the middle of being executed, so would it even have done anything if it had reached you?

Wondering if it’s more of just a visual thing. Probably needs someone to test on an actual revive to see if it’s limited range or not.

Team Revive was activated twice in that video, the first one is hardly seeable but you can see it if you pay good attention on the surrounding “walls”. I wasn’t being executed at that time.

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Oh yeah, that first one is hard to see but I see it now. I never knew it had a range either.