Combat Medic buffs

The Combat Medic class is lame, so I thought of ideas to make it OP

Ultimate adjustment

Team Revive now affects all teammates whether they are downed or not, and can be triggered even with no downed teammates. (Note: If you have no downed teammates, you need to have a card equipped that gives the ultimate extra effects in order for it to do anything.)

Card Adjustments

Effects of the Overdoing It card rolled into the Get Up card; Get Up now grants stim, damage resistance, and forced healing

Perfect Condition and Razor’s Edge merged into one card that grants damage resistance to all damage

New Cards

Custom Lancer card replaced with Custom Munitions card; +20% damage and +10% active effects/ +40% damage and +20% active effects (level 1/ level6) to all weapons

New Epic card: Pulse. Team Revive also marks enemies within X meters of the player for 8 seconds

New Common card: Practicing Medicine. Healing caused by the Combat Medic’s passive accelerates Ultimate charge.

Perk Change

Assault Rifle Damage perk replaced with general Damage perk in Horde


Get up joined into Overdoing It and replaced with Lazarus- team revive brings back dead player(s). Lvl 5 brings back with full ammo. Lvl 6 brings back with full ult charge.

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They have a mid season buff planned so they likely already have what they’re going to do planned. Should hopefully get details next week or soon after. Maybe some max health or health regen delay or damage buffs for teammates within a certain proximity cards?

I see some people requesting damage buffs for him, but I disagree. He’s not meant to be a DPS, he’s meant for a support role. He just unfortunately isn’t that useful in supporting at the moment. I’m hoping the buffs focus on his team support role.


I’d settle for Frag damage/radius and Level 6 of Overdoing It reviving dead squadmates.

And make one of his damage resistance cards beneficial to allies within 10 meters, similar to the Gunner/Clayton.

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TC mentioned this class would have buffs in the mid OP drop just FYI :slight_smile:


That’s why I gotta post this now, if I posted this in like two weeks no doubt everyone would be all, “You want even more buffs after TC just gave us all these incredible buffs and made the class amazing?”


WIll be interesting to see if TC does anything similar to what you have suggested!

I presume the changes are already in the dev build of the game.

At the very least I’d like to see Get Up and Overdoing It work when manually reviving someone the usual way. Also giving the effects to both the CM and whoever they revived would be nice.

I agree about merging Perfect Condition+Razor’s Edge and Overdoing It+Get Up.


I’m not really sure I like the sort of dynamic among the players it would foster if there were tangible benefits of the CM being the one to press X and revive you versus some other class.

I think the simplest thing to do about Team Revive and Get Up; and Overdoing it, is to simply give a 5-second immunity to all players revived using that ability, sort of like spawn protection. This was how Team Revive worked in GOW4. Then Get Up; and Overdoing It could be scrapped full stop, or their functions totally changed. The current effects just feel extremely redundant.

My other ideas for skill cards are more around making the Combat Medic more supportive. I don’t think making them a stronger damage dealer is necessary. In terms of the class system, we have other classes which cover the spectrum of weapons and attack roles (explosives, melee, sniping, rifles etc).

My ideas:

Adrenaline Frenzy - players revived by Team Revive receive X-% extra damage and movement speed for 5 seconds (same as the duration of immunity). The idea is that the revived player has the option to fight their way out of the situation which downed them in the first place, or retreat.

Marked For Success - Combat Medic has the ability to mark friendly targets and while a team mate is marked, they receive X-% extra damage; and damage resistance for the duration of the mark.

Marked For Failure - enemy targets marked by Combat Medic suffer from decreased accuracy and damage resistance for the duration of the mark.

Ranged Revive - allows the Combat Medic to revive team mates up to X-metres away (5 metres maybe). The revive prompter will appear automatically when a DBNO ally is within range.

Field Medic - Combat Medic gains X-% damage resistance and movement speed when carry a team mate’s COG tags (this would only be useful in Horde though, given COG tags aren’t a thing in Escape).

And a new additional passive skill for the Combat Medic could be to bypass the increasing time delays of when team mates are revived after their COG tags are returned to the fabricator. So team mates always respawn after 5 seconds instead of each revive in that wave increasing in 5 second increments.

Can’t wait until the new cards are implemented and EVERY ■■■■■■■ random trys to join as COGear.

Also; thankfully COGear alreadyhas 2 golden cards and since no other class has more than 2 it’s safe to assume the new cards won’t be golden so I can skip them ALL with coins and continue not playing the class.

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I think it’s fair to say this has always been the problem of the Heroes system and the slow-release of new classes previously. When Baird and Lizzie came out in Op 2, lots of players wanted to play as them. When Cole and Clayton came out, it was them.

If TC had more foresight and were able to release Heroes/Classes at a much quicker rate, they could have released 3-4 at a time, so at least there’d be more new characters for players to choose from, rather than fighting over 2 of them at a time.

All good classes at least. They probably give COGear Disciplined with another name or only for Lancers and more useless cards related to the Ult without reworking the mechanics of the Ult.

Continued insta-kick for me unless they give him something borderline-broken.

Yeah… the medic is a support class, but how can any support happen when 90% of hosts on the highest difficulties kick combat medics almost immediately? This class was easily the toughest to rank up (for me, at least) because of how often I’d get the boot. Hell even now when I’m grinding for cards it’s a coin flip if the host will let me stay or not, and can you blame them? Jack fills that medic role far better and can out DPS him any day of the week.

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They get kicked because they don’t add any significant value to a team at the moment. If they added some worthwhile support buffs they wouldn’t be kicked as much.

I mean you didn’t see Jack getting booted out of many games before he had a some of his damage options because he actually has high value as a support role.

Combat medic is very good, and useful. You are probably not playing it to the best of its abilities…

Granade capacity, , lancer card, rifle and crit perks, team repair, plus other cards: with a GL and 8 shocks medic seriously fukcs things up. And if you have a tactician, it is even better…

He gives stim to the team and can revive downs remotely, without using his ultimate.

It is a great assault/support class.

I’d rarher have a medic than a jack, unless we have to forge


I also believe with a Lancer GL and damage cards and perks make CM extremely underrated. ( he can charge ult multiple times a boss/mini boss round if played right.)

At least that how I felt one time carrying (highest damage at the end of a 50) a team throughout a master game on Nexus with zero assault classes. (Only tanks and sups)

You can do surprisingly well with one locker full of GLs lol

Hopefully, in the future cog gear gives 5 seconds of immunity to players once cog gear uses his/her team revive, like the old school team revive card in 4.

Also, put razored edge and perfect condition in one card so it can free up the space. And replace the razored edge for high dps card so it can balance out the class.

Helpful Headshots should heal as well as give stim…
Thats my input for today.


Would significantly improve the class, that’s for sure.