Combat Chatter is great. We need more ways to hear it

the combat chatter in the game is great but unfortunately some lines are hardly ever used. I would love to see the lines added to Expressions or used more frequently.

I’m not sure how the game determines when and what lines to say but a little bit of insight into this from the devs would be nice. from what I can gather stuff like kill streaks, headshots, revives, round stars will trigger these but it’s very random.

TC should add an old school sound test to the game with all the Versus dialog.

new Lizzie line


I like this thread. This is a good thread.

feel free to post some of this chatter if you find any videos !

While this topic’s around, I’ve been hearing some not before heard headshot lines. Maybe they got around to fixing the issue that stopped it from triggering(or whatever it was) in online modes?

They did fix them and I’m so glad they did. I feel they tinkered with a lot of the dialogue too. Headshot lines are back. Characters interact with each other a lot more. I had a match where I was Fhaz and he complimented Marcus with a “Nice shot Sergeant Fenix!” and every felt more alive.

I’d like to show off some voice clips soon because there was some great ones I’ve heard ever since this update. Kudos to TC for this fix. Makes the game have more soul.


this is great news. I’ve only played a bit of Escape so far so I wasn’t sure if they made some changes.

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Huh. A sound test is not a bad idea at all. Maybe with that, I can spam Marcus’ ugly-a** laugh when he gets a chainsaw kill.

Thank god they seemed to have lowered the frequency of this in-game.

They finally fix it and tone down these chatty Cathys? Might as well have dropped Tiny Tina’s “I’m runnin and runnin” dialogue from Borderlands2 on everyone since they announce everything else they do.

Combat dialogue is legit one of my favorite aspects of Gears. Always has. Taking it away or reducing it just makes it a boring and soulless game. I’m glad this aspect of the game is at least embracing its corny 80s action movie homages.

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I like it too.

What I don’t like is how voice emotes are tied to the dialog volume in the sound settings. There should either be an option to mute emotes, or a separate slider for them in the options menu.

I now hear no character dialog at all (nor the announcers), as I would rather smash my headset than have to listen to another moron constantly spamming that infuriatingly irritating laugh emote one more time.

Edit: talking about private Casan.


You’re talking about Private Casan, aren’t you? Her laugh is the absolute worst.


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I just wish they were more context sensitive (than they already are).

Example: Any Swarm/Locust character will refer to ANY target as a human, even if it’s a DeeBee, or even another Swarm/Locust in FFA.

Hell, Sarah Connor and Grace can specifically call out Terminators, so I fail to see how other characters have this problem.

That’s the one.

I hate it more than words can describe. It was intentionally designed to be as obnoxious and irritating as possible.

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There should be a slider for character specific emotes. I’d turn down only Casan’s emotes, and leave everyone else alone.

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That would make me a happy man. Or they can fix the damn bug that makes it possible to spam it on loop constantly.

Although to be honest, even hearing it a single time is enough to make me want to just mute all character volume.

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They need to make it so emotes (voice only) can’t be heard on 2 occasions. At the start of a round (countdown), and the other team (teammates should be the only one who hears voice only emotes, maybe with the exception of laughing or “boo”).

you kind of brush up against an issue with more chatter I forgot about here.

it can give you’re position away if the character is bickering away all the time.

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It’s already countered by having no more than 1 person
per team talk at a time.

The only thing that truly exposes you is when you taunt a downed enemy when your teammate downed them across the map. They need to fix it so only the person who downed them has downed reaction dialogue.

heh nice, yeah indeed lots of great chatter, don’t believe I heard that one yet lol

Got to agree, some of the dialogue I’ve heard since the update is live has been pretty great and added something to the game that was missing, maybe a feeling there was some new dialogue that seemed missing(I certainly noticed that in Horde some of the characters used Gears 4 dialogue more than I really liked).