Color Palette For Armor Set Pieces For All In Game Versus Characters

For Ex. If I wanted Kait In Green Armor With Black Trim Outline Or The Glowing Colors On Cog Armor To Glow A Different Color Other Then Blue Or If I Wanted A Swarm Hunter In A Red Cloth Hoodie I Think The Color Feels A little More Personal Then The Generic Preset Card And Color Schemes

This isn’t Halo, If it we’re up to me I’d do away with all skins and weapon skins and have it like gears1

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You can Feel Free To Go Play Gears One Bro It Doesnt Have To Be Halo Because You Can Color Of Armor Or Clothing Thats Pretty Much Standard Now You Know How Funny It Would Be To Body With Marcus Wearing Pink Armor There Forth I Can Support Breast Cancer And Do What I Love

Wow, why do write like that? Sounds so weird reading it in my head

idk use to youtube titles i guess