Collectors Onyx Gaurds should be sold as a pair

I love the OP2, but there’s something that puts me off. The collectors Onyx Gaurds are being sold a separate pieces male and female. I bought the male and I’m cool with it. I just wish I could’ve bought one and gotten both. When the COG Gears released that’s the way it was. In my opinion it should be that way with this should be

I thought I saw the female one earnable in the Tour of Duty, but I could be wrong.

Different Onyx Guard. The Tour version comes with both genders. The store version has blue accents.


Ah Ok I see nice

But we sell them separately ? Why cant we unlock both when people buy one?

Because TC wants as much money as possible

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Tc greed🤔

Why are you asking me? Do I look like a TC representative to you?

Stupid question, but how do you unlock the regular male Guard, I’m only seeing the female in the tour?

It gives both

Why when they sell weapon skins separately.