Collector's Minh. My impression and what "Collection" variants could be

Like many of you, I want the best for this game and despite the sometimes ridiculous and over exaggerated stuff people complain about in my opinion, there is a few things that need to happen for this game to reach it’s true potential. One of the ways TC can do that is by giving content that we actually ASK for in a reasonable amount of time.

Speaking of which. Let’s talk “Collector Character” Variants. I’m all for re-skins. In fact, a game like Gears of War kind of needs it at this point. Only because I find a lot of the “New” stuff to be… Well… Not as exciting, to say it politely. There is some stuff that many people like that is “New”, but for me personally, I haven’t liked any of it… Not truly. Which is why I think I would just prefer Re-skins over new characters or Soldiers or whatever simply because I find the older stuff to look WAY cooler. Case in point, Armored Kantus and stuff like that. And if you know me at this point, then you probably know that I am a huge locust fan and I love the Armored Kantus. So much so, that I want him, and re-skins of this guy.

Now obviously this is what I want. Many of you will want something different of course, but I really believe many of you agree with the general idea or direction that I am leaning towards. I do want “New” stuff but judging by what I have been seeing, I don’t trust TC to give us “New” and actually better or alternative stuff that would be nearly as satisfying. As such, I want TC to focus on stuff they know will work and not try new things, because I refuse to suffer any further delay’s. I understand the current situation, I know what I’m asking, I just feel… Bored I guess.

Ok enough with the rambling. I guess I should mention what the title implies. I like it. The Collector Minh I mean. The White color looks very nice and slightly reminds me of Spectre but obviously is not even close at the same time and also a different species. Overall, this kind of goes back to using colors that work and ones that don’t look ugly. TC still can do better, but it looks like a good start. In contrast maybe collector locust should have a black primary and white trim/ secondary? Wouldn’t that be poetic? And please, don’t introduce politics into that xD.

Thanks for reading guys!! :slight_smile:

You’ve planted the seed now!


I’m sorry but I have to disagree to a certain point. For one, Imo re-textured skins (aka collectors) are a complete waste of Iron/Coin which is why I don’t get them. Though I am stuck with Collectors winter Marcus and the Collector’s palace guard because of the TOD I would’ve much preferred the originals. (yes I’m aware the O.G. palace guard is in store)

T.C. has released some great skins imo. the lieutenant variants for Del and JD, Academy Anthony,Desert Baird and even some hivebuster skins are cool.
They just need to grab a foot hold of what the people actually want AND what we might find cool and put that out. Skins like Farmor Dom and Major Paduk are prime examples of T.C. actually doing both of those things.

If they can just continue to work like that we might actually get skins we care about.


The collector’s variants, while some are alright, don’t make much sense to me because there’s no continuity in their appearance. First, they went with the black with blue highlights in Winter Marcus and Onyx Vermelo + Casan. Marcus was good, but the Onyx skins were barely a difference because regular Onyx were already black anyway. The Locust received red and gold with Myrrah, Palace Guard, and then Karn who was absurdly overpriced. Myrrah and Karn there isn’t much difference, while with the Palace Guard you have a downgrade as I’m pretty sure the pure gold OG is preferable to the iron man colors. Now, we have white armor Minh, which comes out of nowhere, and what are obviously re-branded gilded variants of Sraak and Dom. Not sure why the latest skins are even in the collector’s set. It’s as if they got bored of the old designs and didn’t want to have to create a new set name for the new ones, and for some reason didn’t want to add new entries to the gilded set.

edit: excuse me Ronin Karn isn’t Collector’s Karn but IMO he may as well be called that

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This is one of the reasons i believe gears would benefit of a “character creation” feature, Having your own custom char based on an existing default.

Kinda like what Judgment started with the the colors and textures with a mix of gears tactics customization. TC could focus on releasing patterns, armor parts or materials that you could add any character of your choice, instead of releasing 5 versions of Baird or Marcus.


Collectors Clayton is the best Clayton skin don’t @ me


Or literally just take notes that Tactics did with it’s weapon and character customisation which lets you customise every character the way you want and let’s you make them wear the COG armor, UIR armor, Marcus’s OG armor, Tai’s armor, Baird’s Judgement armor, Dom’s commando outfit and the OG Onyx Guard armor, you can let them wear helmets as well even the main characters. You can even be able to deck Cole out with the Onyx Guard armor and let you have the option to give him a helmet.


There’s a Collector’s Clayton?


Exactly my point

The question isn’t whether they can. The question is whether it would be more lucrative than the current system. What would be more profitable: selling a hat that the player can equip on 10 characters, or selling 10 characters wearing that same hat?

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It’s to be expected, with all the people that got the game through Game Pass it’s no wonder that feel the need to milk and drip-feed content.

All of u guys are talking abt adding new skins, customization etc. But not one person here has mentioned just how many characters from the franchise are missing still. Dizzy, Hoffman, Tai, Sofia, Jace, Barrick, Valera, Bernie, Aaron Griffin, Oscar, Reyna, Loomis, Prescott, Adam Fenix, Anya, and dont get me started on the locust characters

I’m pretty sure you can forget about Sofia, Loomis, Jace, Barrick, Prescott, Adam and Valera being added because they are so incredibly minor… And they haven’t made an appearance outside of their debut game.
I’m sure Tai, Dizzy, Griffin, Anya, Bernie, Hoffman, Reyna and (hopefully) Oscar are on the way at some point…
There are so many unknowns behind the scenes so no one knows what characters are coming or when. One thing that does seem certain though is the endless drip-feed of skins that no one “asks” for, so we’re here “asking” for skins since they seem to be a given. That and there are character wishlist threads out there.

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Adam literally saved the planet(at least temporarily). But he is “minor”? How do you justify that? Oscar isn’t exactly a major character either. Especially with how he was handled in Gears 5.


Minor as in he was only featured (with a character model) in 3 and only as a pre-order character.
My thing with Oscar is that he was at least featured in the two most recent games’ campaigns and now that basically all campaign characters have been added it’s looking grim for anyone that wanted Uncle to make a return to MP. His VA was changed, which I hear means that there is a very slim chance that he will be added to MP… That would go for Prescott too, as well as Loomis seeing as his VA was used for Sid Redburn in Tactics and I see it more likely for Sid to be added.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for characters to NOT be added I’m just trying to have a realistic view.

If we’re measuring bye the amount of time they get in the story then wouldn’t that make Anthony carmine minor? Considering he gets head shot in the first game and didn’t even live to see the end of the FIRST chapter? That’s without considering all his brothers tho

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I may have agreed if they hadn’t added Karn in… albeit without a proper individual voice. We also have Jermad who’s a comic only character only featured in The Rise of RAAM.

Also Prescott has made an appearance outside his debut game remember his debut was gears 2 but he wasnt playable until 3 which he debuted and died in

Technically yes, but the Carmine family is iconic and has been in every main series game thus far.

Yeah, and that’s where my argument is weakest. I have no idea what they were thinking with that, he came out of left field.

Again, I have no idea. I was only looking for a pattern and these are really big outliers.
I’d love to have all of Kilo squad back and Alex Brand to make another appearance. Hell, I think Zeta squad would be a nice addition too, it’s just that so many of those characters haven’t been touched for YEARS.