Collective wisdom needed for a Horde Challenge

Hey y’all,

We are going to do 5 BMs on Predator Hunt and I’d like to hear some strats and tips.

In this mode there are no perks and there is no fab.

Suggestions for maps, skill cards and any other overall tips that might come in handy are all welcome.


Well clearly, you’re going to use the almighty Claw and Gnasher cards. Jokes aside, I wouldn’t see those as bad picks if you don’t have perks available for BM. Having On The Flank also wouldn’t seem like a bad idea in that scenario(and I’m usually not an advocate for said card).

Beyond that… no idea really. Damage res has limited value at only 32%. Maybe Shock Shield if ults are available(I don’t remember)?

Ults are available. I was thinking about Shock Shield as well…

I think i would use Brutal Claw,Gnasher Mastery,On the Flank, Energy Surge and Shock-Shield for this Challenge.

When it comes to the Map i would try a Escape-tile Map like Command because of good Tabs and “easier Bosses” first before attempting anything harder.

Edit: I wonder what Boss spawns at the End on a Escape-tile Map because Wakaatu can’t spawn. :laughing:


There is no taps on Predator Hunt so Energy Surge would be useless.


Isn’t predator hunt only 3 players?

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Brutal Claw might probably be a must-pick for this one.

You could consider Gnasher Mastery, On The Flank and Ambush for quick Ult refills considering you get a hand of flanking enemies. Even if they sneak away from you it counts as a kill from behind. At least Gnasher Mastery and On The Flank would help a lot against the Wakaatu as long as it is on the floor.

Ambush is optional and might be replaced with either Shock Shield and Shock Chain. Possibly even have one go for the Mace and still try some sort of melee build? By popping the Ult with Shock Shield you should still hold out relatively much even without Thrill Of The Hunt.

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We are going to try tonight. Let’s see how it goes.


Any of you want to join? We need 3 players. Today at 5p. EST.

Lol right,well i guess i’d take maybe Brawler or BD as 5th Card

I think I can play for about two hours.

As you and a few others have famously said on here, something along the lines of : “this isnt an airport. No need to announce your departure” but I’ve had the game deleted for a few weeks now. Im not enjoying it anymore after playing it for so long and I dont really see myself playing it again. I still enjoy talking about the game on here though but I just dont enjoy actually playing it anymore. That being said though. If TC ever does a Road to Gears 6 or something in the next year or so then ill download it again and do that stuff.


Oh wow, that’s sad. Deleted! Dang. I understand you can burn out on a game though. I usually just put it aside for a while but I also have 3 Seagate expansion cards lol so I have the space to just move stuff easily and quickly.

I’m sure a lot of people will miss you. Glad I had the pleasure of playing once, @RelaxingKoty

Aww @RelaxingKoty I’m sad to hear that! :frowning:
But at least this is not a good bye - see you in Gears 6!


I’m sad we won’t be playing Gears again any time soon. However, I am grateful I met you and @WickedlyInocent almost a year ago on Pahanu for a Blademaster only 1-50 horde match. From that day forward, we got to play together more often and even did challenges together. Along the way, we also met our good friend, Legacy Pwn. Thank you Koty for all the times we played together and for being my friend. Our group will miss you dearly :slightly_smiling_face:.


A lot of us will miss you man. Always a pleasure to play with you and I learnt several things from you I wouldn’t have learnt otherwise so I appreciate that as well.


WAT. Wow, I guess I can understand the burnout. Gotta say though, you really popularized Blademaster at least among the forum regulars here, so your legacy will live on. Thanks for all you did to promote the class. You will be missed.



I will add that if you did not have promoted BM, I would not probably play and enjoy this class as I can now. Many thanks for that

Glad you plan to stay in the forum. I wish I could have played more games with you.


Uh i didn’t mean to make such a big deal out of it but thanks everyone for all the kind words, I didn’t think anyone would care which is why I didn’t say anything about it for so long lol My goal when joining the forums was to spread knowledge of BM so I think I accomplished it.

Thank you


Even though I’m a filthy casual who’s not comfortable with playing higher than Advanced, yours and everyone else’s shared knowledge on these forums on the subject of BM helped me get more comfortable with the class when I got interested in making it work post like OP3. Sure, I play on a baby difficulty, but I still got decked by grubs for playing badly at the time. Now I just get decked by Boomshot Scions.

I still prefer to use a Lancer of all things (merely an aesthetic preference, chainsaw bayonet AR is too stylish to pass up tbh) so I play the “safer” classes which can make use of it but BM sure is fun to bring out once in a while.


So while I don’t look to take anything away about the other subject that’s come up in the thread, I did want to say a few things about this event run.

A. Claws with Brutal Claw really shred some stuff with an active and the double headshot damage bonus of this Horde event. I actually forgot it had one until it was brought up. We’re talking, killing a Scion from full health to 0 with a single active reload of the weapon. Gnasher with On The Flank and the associated damage card also gets a pretty substantial increase to the point where it can two shot a Pouncer, at least early on.

B. I have more of an understanding why people do “challenge runs” in Horde now, as they provide something a little different from the usual Horde experience, especially in those event playlists. Never really did them before yesterday, outside of 5 BM runs in Frenzy because you know, BM.

Point C, well, I forgot what I was gonna put in there.