Collectibles not showing up after collected

That’s why hate this kind of things. They just let us get the collectibles without need of Internet, just like old games. On Gears of War 3 you can get almost all the collectibles, characters and skins unlockables just playing, regardless of whether you are connected to Internet or not. This era of always online on anything we do is awful.

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I’m still having an issue too. Got all collectibles showing until Act 2. Now they have disappeared. I can see the collectibles(that I already picked up)still in the game but are now not grabbable.

Might have to start act 2 again. :tired_face:

have they fixed it yet? in the list of updates about it is written nothing

Steam does not consider progeess in the collection what do they do? will it be fixed or not? play the game again?

Problem still exists, my already collected collectibles are locked out in the sub menu.

You can try my solution to get collectibles found and lost : Issue for lost collectibles bug

I was doing that quite early on. My % went from 50% down to % 41.11. At least they are working on a fix. I shall just wait till then. :crazy_face:

Same here, I collect an Item, it shows ingame incl. %, quit out the collectibles menu, open the menu again > collectible gone :frowning:
Reload checkpoint > collectible is there again.

EDIT: got it, replay missing acts and recollect all now.

Are you seriously saying that the collectibles registry bug thing is still a thing? Jesus… Haven’t touched the SP yet despite owning the Ultimate Edition because of this…

Still a thing for me. Was working fine now NOT registering again starting Act 2 CH 4. ■■■■■■■ rudiculous!!

Mine collects it until I pick up another and then it is gone. Only 1 collectable has stayed and it was from Act 1 Ch 1. Definitely not fixed.

Yes, it’s still a thing and it’s overly frustrating. Almost makes me want to put the game away until it’s fixed. I don’t want to have to redo Chapters just to collect collectibles that I’ve already found and collected… this is a bad look GoW. Definitely need to fix ASAP and find a way to compensate players for such an easily avoidable error… :unamused::-1:t3:

Still not working almost a week later, uninstalled until fix comes out. Not playing around with these half-■■■■■ “devs” anymore. Release a game in a proper unbroken state or don’t release it, plain and simple. Good thing I got this on game pass only thing saving the consumer from broken products these days.

Exactly what I’m seeing. Everything up intil A2C3 is there. This started all over again at A2C4. Its like they fixed it up until the halfway point. HTF is single player collectible saving even a GD problem in a 2019 AAA game? By a dev owned by one of the largest tech companies on the planet? ■■■■ man if this is how their cloud services run , MS is totally ■■■■■■ if they try to implement anything to compete with Stadia. As far as game launches go…If Assassin Creed Unity and Destiny 2 had a baby it would be called Gears 5 lol.

I was missing everything from act 2 Ch 2. Thought I would load up that level again and the game said I hadn’t even played it but I had the next two chapters. So far it’s working again for me. Will try the next chapter tonight.

This is also affecting the campaign progress not counting. Even though if you go to load chapter is says you have beating it on that chapter and act with what difficulty but in the stats page it will show the chapter hasn’t been completed. A lot of achievements aren’t tracking right either, this game is a while broken hot mess, I thought Star Wars battle front 2 was bad but then I was given gears 5 and yes I bought the ultimate edition like an idiot. How far my favorite shooter and Xbox series has fallen. I’m tired of going back I get collectibles components, relic weapons, and doing it on insane for it to keep not counting. I hope there is a fix and it registers everything even though I highly doubt it. I even did the jack achievement where you get the kill as the warden, elite drone, pouncer, and stump and it stopped at 75% meaning someone didn’t count even though I got multiple kills with each one. Ok rant over this just needs to be fixed

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:dizzy_face: same issues

Hey everyone!

i have some same problem from act 1. i get the missing collectible and it´s not seen in the menu. so i just play the chapter to the end if it´s just buged in the mission. so i´m in chapter 2 and no collectibles from chapter 1 was found.

so i restarted the campaign and the collectibles are back and can get grabed…

coalition… you have to solve this ■■■■. a buged game is not nice…after nearla one week.

will never pay for an ultimate edition…

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Have this problem too, X1X.

Still no fix for acheivements, Collectibles are showing now though.