Collectible glitch (collected but not counted)

So I’ve (finally) gotten round to finishing my collectible achievement, but I’ve almost immediately encountered an issue. The second collectible in act 1 chapter 1 is not present at its pickup location, but my war journal hasn’t recorded me collecting it.

It’s an old and trivial issue, I know, but having discovered it, I was wondering if anybody knew how to fix the issue, if it’s at all possible?

Thanks in advance to anybody who takes a moment to help.

Same thing happened to me, I ended up fixing it by deleting both local and cloud saves (on Xbox, no idea if you can on PC) in order to force it to pull a fresh copy of whatever data it could to replace what was borked. Everything multiplayer related (cards, skins, stats, etc) and progress towards other achievements came back just fine, the only thing that gets completely wiped is your campaign progress (although the collectibles it’s counted you as obtaining stay).

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try, hopefully it will solve this for me as well.

Hopefully it works out, was pretty annoyed at first when I saw what happened but luckily I was able to fix it and just had to pick up the first few collectibles again.

Unfortunately, no luck with deleting my save data, sad react

Make sure you delete both cloud and local saves, otherwise it’ll just sync the cloud save when you start the game again.

Yeah, I always do, I’ve made that same mistake before. Oh well, it’s one achievement, I suppose it’s not too bad

Try in Co op with someone who doesn’t have it yet?

That’s not a bad shout, I’ll see if I can find one

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