Collectables progress

So I’m missing a number of collectables and I started to play the campaign again and I’m missing the 1st 2 straight away after collecting them I see my achievement progress go to 66% but in the menu I’m still 64% and still collectables locked. I restarted game and load checkpoint still won’t work any advice?

The update(s) have done nothing in my eyes. I have noticed others saying the same thing you just did. It’s a shame.

TC is rolling out progress to impacted users over the next day, hopefully this will fix your issue

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I certainly hope so man.

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Didn’t they say that Wednesday night? This whole process seems to be a mess.

Feels like they been saying it every other day

It definitely has been a mess. I have also been impacted so I am really hoping they fix it.

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It was ok before the update but after I seem to be affected I might as well don’t do the achievement until they fix this

How about you provide a source.

You could try some basic manners, but here it is is also a helpful resource for updates from the studio.

I’m also now seeing all newly found collectables not showing up. Whether this started at a certain point in the campaign (towards the end of Act 1) or because of the new updates or at random I’m not sure.

Thanks for letting me know.

But the issues of checkpoints, campaign, achievements, collectibles are already solved with the latest update, right?

I think thay remains to be seen. TC is still trying to rollout progress to impacted users.

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All my missing collectables from playing in early access have showed up since the update… I actually stopped playing the campaign once I realised it had stopped tracking because I had taken my time with every section exploring. Get back and finish the story now I think.

Collectables have appeared today but my woes have transformed into crash (requiring hard power off) on start

I think it’s best for me to wait until they fix it