Coletrain - Tank or Offense?

apologies, I normally read the boards but since my fav char since '06 is about to make it back onscreen, my excitement has me pondering what Cole’s horde abilities will be? Anyone?
My guess is either tank or offense. Maybe offense, since Delta squad currently has a tank (marcus) and engineer (baird)…he was also an offensive thrashball superstar. He lived in the silverback in the campaign so maybe another silverback player? Or that’d be too powerful for 2/team? If not silverback ultimate, perhaps an ultimate that allows him to dual wield! Similar to Tex from Brute Force (props to those OG players that get the reference). Perks: health, speed, health regen, ammo count.


I think the Hero descriptions (offense, scout, tank) etc are pretty meaningless and vague because they are so general. We could easily end up with some hybrid classes.

I’d like to see Cole as a Scout-Tank-type character who combines speed and endurance as a homage to his thrashball days. Maybe if he had an ultimate where he turns into a mini-berserker, is invincible for a short period and can body-slam enemies into a DBNO state.


I agree with you on there. The roles are meaningless. It’s just the cards and play style that would matter. And whatever his Ult is and what perks he gets in Horde.

I was thinking someone could have a Scout role or hybrid since there’s only two Scouts in the game so far.

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I want to avoid more melee-oriented skills. Since Cole is already done and his skills are fixed, I suppose what I write next is just wishful speculation.

I would like a traditional tank who can aggro all enemies on the field at once (who can forget Cole taunting the Locust Horde over the microphone in the underground caves in Gears 2?)

I also want Cole to be able to take a ton of damage. Maybe make a skill card that lets him have 3x normal health at card level 5.

His ultimate should be to provide a damage-resistance buff to all allies (Where Marcus has been the soul of the franchise, Cole has been the heart. Cole is always keeping the squad’s mood up with his jokes and enthusiasm.)

It’s possible that Cole could get a similar Deposit Bonus skill card like Kait and Lahni are missing. So it could resemble more like Gears 4 Scout. But that would take a lot of fun away.

hmm yea I thought about him barreling thru enemies as homage to his thrashball…perhaps a speedy tank with an ultimate that grants invincibility while drawing aggro for 5 seconds…

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Or… he can have an Ult that benefits whole team temporary, regardless of their position. A bit like real sports, team spirit or team buff. Like faster speed, damage, health for few seconds.

There’s plenty of support and engineers that’s for sure - The sniper and heavy roles seem lonely to me

We’ll have to see what role Clayton fulfills. Paduk will almost certainly be a sniper-type character. It’d be nice to have an extra explosives-type / heavy damage Hero seeing as right now it’s all on JD.

Even if we had an extra explosive character, JD would still come out top. The ones left behind are Keegan, Lizzie with Drop, Healing Explosives and Explosive Munitions + Salvo on SB, and Sarah with Heavy Prep and Blast Radius Frags. Yet, JD would do better than any new explosive character they add.

Paduk would be more fitting as a Scout Sniper

Just for laughs they should make Paduk a melee character :rofl:

I like peoples’ idea of having him as a Scout/Tank hybrid that pays homage to him being a Trashball superstar. I also like someone’s idea of his ultimate giving a team-wide defensive buff.

Even tho I’m not big on Horde and Escape I’m interested to see what they do with him and Clayton. Think I’ll start a thread for big bad Clay

@Hu1k_Daddy has some homework to do :smile:

Haha for sure.

My guess is they will have it be some type of Taunting thing, where he can activate it and it draws in agro while also making him say funny lines. His legendary Card will probably be something that gives him stim while its activated or something.

So I was looking at this Artwork and its all wrong.


Why is Clayton holding a Gnasher and not a Lancer? Why is Cole holding the Lancer and not the Gnasher?

Does TC even know anything about these characters?

I think because Gridiron is PvP and those are the two main weapons in the loadout. That drawing doesn’t represent Horde.

Resume there Judgment role

Augustus Cole (Soldier)
Garron Paduk (Scout)

If they add the nade launcher from judgment I would support this


Yea Man.

Booshka for the Win :slight_smile: