Cole's dialogue

Am I the only one disappointed that most of Cole’s dialogue STILL revolves around him being a thrashbowl player. I mean did they ever bring back thrashbowl after the locusts? If so then I guess maybe it could work but wasn’t it years since he played even during Gears 1, much less the decades after to where we are now. Again unless the people brought it back after 3 but if not it just seems like pathetic nostalgia service because they don’t know what else to do with the character. At least when that flashback happens in 3 you were with the people who remembered him for that


can i add how coles role in the campagin was just a loud guy who says a few cheesy punchlines then does some crazy stuff… they really tunred him into a sterotype… hes just so cheesy now i used to love him in gears 1 2 and 3… now hes just kind of a joke and not important.


I still love Cole dialogue. Never get tired of it.

The Cole Train runs on whole grain baby! Whoo!


Whats the difference between this and the way he enters the game in Gears 2?


He literally retro-killed someone before the retro was a thing.


But yeah Cole was kinda loud and showboaty to begin with, from his first lines. The most soldier-y he was, was in Gears 1. Gears 2 he was loud and crazy. Gears 3 he was loud but humanized thanks to Karen. And then in Judgement he was still kinda a Thrashball star.

But to the OP, I don’t see what’s wrong with this. Cole was making Thrashball references in 3, which was some 16-17 years after he stopped playing. I think you forget that Thrashball was his LIFE. And he had to give that up because of the Locust. It wasn’t just a hobby of his like Dom’s tomatoes.


I was talking about this lol

Also 1 of the collectibles in 4 is a magazine cover with him talking about DBs playing thrashball

It goes by faster than I remember but it’s also what I was talking about. At about 26 seconds he does the lifting over-the-shoulder move that looks a lot like the Retro execution.

Cole is the badass that Tai wanted to be.

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He was always a stereotype clearly created by people who have never interacted with a black person before. I guess by gears 3 they had hired or met a black person cuz we got jace who acted like, you know a human would.

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I could have sworn that Cole was modeled after Terry Tate The Office Linebacker


Those were commercials created by a white comedian portrayed by a wrestler. No one acts like that for more than 35 seconds at a time. Grew up in Baltimore, met a lot of people who look like Cole, some even played high school football. No one acted tgat ridiculous, I know it’s just a game and I love gears it’s just jarring and borderline offensive.

I know how the commercials came about and who played what but that wasnt the point I was trying to make

The point I was trying to make was that Cole is based on a fictional character and if you look to deep into everything you’ll find something even if its not really there

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I’m only disappointed that there is still no option to disable dialogue/emote for certain characters. Cole is just another COG-Gear in terms of annoyance

I’m not calling cliff a racist, 2006 was the tail end of this being one of our only portrayal in media, there are real black people on television and movies now outside of all black media. To the Ops point dudes probably in his 60s now and would have had a heart attack if he said woooooo that much. I just hate him, my wife and kids also hate him I enjoyed the 6 months without him.

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Yes, down to Epic using the same actor to play an almost identical character.


The racial undertones are there, albeit for epic & tc in a secondhand way but they never did anything to mitigate it. Terry Tate was modeled after a former football player, probably to the point of hyperbole, & I believe the guy even tried to sue. Cole’s character is unnecessarily over the top & is consistent with how black ppl have been historically portrayed in media, as the comic relief with little to no depth & a simple personality. How people perceive him, whether they find him entertaining or not, the historical context is there.

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Yes, their is a coalition Thrashball league, but it’s for DBees only.

Yes, but Jinn will only allow it to be played by Deebees. (I believe this is mentioned in Gears: Ascendance)

I agree though, the guys in his mid-to-late 60’s and he’s still stuck in the past. It just makes his character seem disingenuous, like he never aged a day mentally since his Thrashball career. Maybe if he was meant to be senile and losing his mind it would make sense,

Gears 3 added some nuance to his personality.

“You ever feel like you died but nobody told you?”

After being nearly killed and full of exhaustion “Firing on all pistons…”

Cole’s main trait is that he is the heart of Delta. His warmth and humor keeps the team going. He’s not just a tank.

But he is human and shows moments of vulnerability especially in the novels.


I can’t believe there are people out there that are hating on BASED COLE TRAIN BAYBEY WOOOOOOO