Cole Train any good in Horde

Curious how he is in Horde? Can he hang in higher difficulties?

I personally haven’t tested him on higher difficulties but All the Glory works with gun fire too, so if Play With Fire is equipped you can chain explosions etc which is good for crowd control. Trouble is rifles are so much weaker so Cole may struggle to get the momentum going. If Marcus is there and uses his ultimate then this can add to Cole’s damage output.

Another thing I’d like to test is using hijacked weapons - if Cole had a hijacked Claw then this should retain his fiery shots too. This would make a big difference.

But from my limited plays, Cole needs to be used very differently in Horde compared to Escape. My card load out is pretty different between the two.

Anyone with recommendations would be appreciated!

Cole is awesome in horde, he doesn’t ned any ammo, only melee and heavy weapons
meteor man ftw!


Sweet Can u recommend a card set up?


What difficulty and what card set up? I have to say I’m really sceptical about Cole being played as a melee character in Horde.

Also, what heavy weapons are you referring to? Was it as a tri-shot user? If so, then forgive me when I say that anyone can be effective using a tri-shot. This isn’t a reflection of that particular character - mrely of the tri-shot as a weapon.

I run with
Inner fire,
Perk up,
Playin with fire,
All the glory,
Torch tackle.
And normaly use hammerburst and claw, keep switching between them with active reloads. If you are lucky enough to get hijacked ones even better.
When loads of enemy’s nearby are down , torch tackle them for explosion then run back in cover. If to risky switch to snub for headshots on dbno that are on fire.
Timing has to be spot on though. I can play that set up well when health mod off :blush:

I have been using Cole Train in master Horde and the reults are pretty much 50/50. In one match I did exceptionally well with melee attacks and weapons and in another I just kept being downed before I could make a tackle. Which lead me to play more strategic as in identifying easy targets and difficult targets … Can I get into tackle range before that enemies opens fire? Is that scion going to boomshot me when I go for him? Use ultimate now or save it for fewer enemies? All this lead me the the conclusion that (IMO) Cole is a time character as in all his melee attacks, when timed properly, can be devastating to the enemy. I mostly go for the tackle, haymaker and execute approach instead of the tackle dive back and tackle again approach. I have seen a few coles do fairly well in master horde but mostly see cole in the hands of someone who dies in the first few seconds of a wave lol.

I say give him a chance and work on some play styles but try not to hurt the team while your at it because I would like cole to become a character people will welcome into their horde runs instead of the Cole is useless so im gonna kick him attitude.

To be honest, I haven’t really played him much on horde. Although, in escape he is really good from what I’ve heard.

Once you unlocked all of his cards. I would say take a note from other hardcore Cole players, who play him on master difficulty. And see what cards they play with. Test it out yourself and use your own judgement. If it doesn’t work on master difficulty. Change cards that you feel comfortable with. Eventually you’ll get there and it might will work.

Okay, so I did an Inconceivable run today (with friends) as Cole and it went well. Obviously it’s not the same way of measuring Cole against the demands of master. We took off the enemy health mutator.

I used:

All The Glory
Play With Fire
Perk Up
Damage Dash

Not sure if this is the most optimal selection, but it worked reasonably well for my game.

I used a hijacked Claw and the normal Lancer and alternated between them. Enemies unaffected by DBNO rules were the main priority as when killed they explode causing AOE damage.

I also used flashbangs as my grenade of choice. What I did alot was set groups of enemies on fire, flash them, then run and tackle them while they were stunned and burning, allowing me to cause them to blow up. It was pretty effective, but on master they’ll have more health so this may be harder to do. Having said that, you can just use flashbangs to set up opportunities to use your ultimate ability, so they’re probably the best grenade for Cole generally.

I also discovered that when you have your ultimate ability activated, the flames rise and you can set flying enemies on fire too! I accidently set a Guardian and a Bastion on fire while running around.

Also the key to enemies grouping up is going for the smallest/lowest health ones. If you have a leech or juvie next to a Scion most times its bye bye Scion

The biggest issue I have with Cole is how TC didnt separate the tackle and cover mantle. 95% of the time I went down or died is because I mantled instead of tackling

Yeah that’s a pain. I’ve managed to change my muscle memory when using Cole nowadays and don’t press up on the left-thumbstick when I tackle and have mostly been okay. Sometimes old habits creep in or when I accidentally press up diagonally to direct Cole when running.

Also as an addition, Cole’s ultimate charges pretty quick as well! I was able to use it on average 8 times out of every 10 waves.

I’ll have a play about with the cards and have a go on master at some point too. Maybe switch Damage Dash for Inner Fire. Or alternatively if I’m relying on a hijacked Claw, then maybe Pyromaniac isn’t necessary and I can run two defence cards? Trouble is my friends all still have various characters they want to get cards for, so they play alot of inconceivable at the moment and less master.

Just to add that you can make enemies explode without Torch Tackle - as long as they are on fire, then a normal tackle will make them explode. The trade-off is that you need to rely on active reloads and gunfire, but is very doable. As I mentioned in another post, I would use active reloads to set a few enemies on fire, throw a flashbang at them to stun, and then charge in with a tackle to blow them up.

Yes Cole is useful in horde till wave 40, I use All the glory, perk up, inner fire, torch tackle and damage dash. No need to use weapons because Cole is already a weapon.

The OP was asking about higher difficulties. Cole wouldn’t be able to run around tackling enemies that easily on inconceivable or master. Even from my limited experience of Cole on Horde, it seems very obvious that guns and his Play With Fire cards will be needed and Cole needs to be played very differently to Escape.

And I forgot to say I play on Master so…
This dude doesn’t know I play on Master almost 99% of time. pffff.

I have won many 1 to 50 or Frenzy master runs (Not only on Forge or Exhibit) with Cole (I have a not-so-cool Cole (cards level 3 to 4), so I saw Cole in hands of good and bad players, so my story is only of the good players).

Sometimes Cole fails and he gets DBNO in the middle of the map, and 1 time on Frenzy Jack went to revive him and after that the 2 of them were DBNO, after that JD went to revive Jack and was DBNO. I was Fahz and with Del we tried to defend without success (Wave 8 or 12).

Anyway, Cole in good hands can do wonders, but after wave 40 he needs help from time to time. Wave 40 and beyond means more strategy if a enemy is worth the risk to go outside and try to kill it with melee. And he needs help when there are Bastions.

Obviously, if Cole has cards for melee, you can’t expect to kill a Kestrel if he is last man out. He needs to take care of Carriers too and Matriarchs. And know when he needs to fight or flight.

I didn’t tried on Pahanu and Bunker because I don’t like those maps. If I’m not mistaken, I had played every map except those 2 with Cole on master (Sometime we lose, and sometime we win). Cole is good, but if your team isn’t, doesn’t matter much if Cole is MVP every match or not.

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A really underrated card for crowd control is Glow And Slow. You put on Play With Fire and have it maxed, everything will slow down to a crawl. I don’t like using Cole on Master though, way too risky to go out and try to melee enemies when you can get downed in 2 shots.