Cole questions and bugs

First off cole is a great character, but he seems to have some bugs and inconsistancys

So thay “Haymaker” card seems to do nothing, it doesnt increase melee damage on any enemy at all.

When cole tackles or punches, sometimes he kills and sometimes he doesnt, does anyone know why? or at least how damage works for cole.

The melee cooldown needs to be removed if cole gets stunned, i have times where cole gets stunned then sits there because his melee is on cooldown even though he didnt get a punch in.

a card that increases tackle damage just slightly would be nice, i know theres a card boosting damage when enemys are on fire, but it seems more directed towards his ultimate, so even if its like 25% extra damage it would be nice, considering cole has no ranged damage cards really at all.

Haymaker is when you press B to melee while roadie running. Not the regular melee. On Beginner my haymaker gibs drones who are at full health.

I was able to gib drones without haymaker, both by tackle and punch, so i notice no difference with or without it


I can only gib with the haymaker…:weary: You’re right there must be bugs in the mechanic.