Cole makes better soldier than Marcus in horde

With Cole’s burning card, burn damage card and assault rifle perks he is stronger than Marcus, then throw in his health/Regen card plus damage resistance card. He even starts with a lancer and his best active reload weapon is hammerburst.


It looks like you’re forgetting about Marcus’ Custom Lancer, Last Ditch and Living Legend.


I considered his cards, but no hero without an element to their damage (bleed, freeze, burn) can keep up in higher difficulties because of the health and regeneration on the enemies. unless you want to post up on a tri shot all game.

The real name of the game is - “Tri Shot Hero’s and JD or Kait”
I thought that I did well with Cole on Insane Frenzy but I may have just been infatuated with the novelty of blowing things up whenever I wanted because in an Elite difficulty match with enemy health on he couldn’t even down an Imago with a tackle after the 20th wave :frowning:


For me this type of thing is getting further and further away from what brought me to Gears - simplicity and realism. A very basic load out and mechanical guns. Now there’s all kinds of complications .


Exactly. Gone are the days where you picked a character, a map and just…spawned. That’s it.


Yep. It’s made finding a game way more difficult. Now you need to make sure there’s an engineer in the lobby and hope he actually knows what he’s doing. Then you have to worry about people trying to be duplicate characters, underleveled characters, useless characters etc.


You had those problems in Gears 4 too; plus in addition to needing an engineer who knew what they were doing you also needed a Scout to get the energy.


A strange thing to look for in a game about monsters and guns with chainsaw bayonets lol.

I get that the abilities are more out there, but if you want the old school style then play an older title. Sequels need change otherwise what’s the point. Plus I love the hero system and I know I’m not the only one.


I felt like there were more damage options in Gears 4 and there weren’t restrictions on duplicate classes. Also Gears 5 added 3 more difficulty levels which further dilutes the player pool making it harder to find people.

You’re not wrong.
Every class in 4 had a very satisfying damage option and the dilution you mention makes matchmaking worthless.
The custom matches do however kind of take match making’s place now that it’s destroyed so you can potentially find a game there instead.
Some of the changes in the new game after 4 took some getting used to but after learning to work with them I’m doing alright. I may play 4 again this weekend since I miss Anya. It’s good to have that option so that I can enjoy the things I like about that game too.

I don’t know if he is better, I just recently started playing with Cole and he is a beast, love what they did with this roadie run and melee. He is probably better at shorter ranges, but Marcus can be a monster long range if setup properly he can get a huge uptime on his ultimate and take out a ton of enemies quickly.

I played Cole yesterday in Horde and it’s cool with his burning cards, but if you know how to play Marcus, he is a beast.
Every 2 rounds my ulti is ready and i don’t have to aim the whole round if there are enough enemies (take open maps like Harbour, Reclaimed…) because he shoots on heads alone.
And all allies in cover next to me do the same.
A JD don’t have to aim with Boomshot or GL.
And all in cover get stim.
And think about the combination with the updated COG Gear, he gives stim for hits on head.
So all in cover get stim from Marcus and COG Gear while Marcus ulti is active.

Monsters and chainsaw bayonets aren’t to far of a reach to be real. I mean we don’t even really know what’s in our own ocean could locusts

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Notice I went on to specify this as mechanical guns. I’m a very hands on person and love well made mechanical things of all natures, from engines to mechanical watches. Even using a chainsaw for real. So yeah I liked the realism in Gears over the stuff I played with in Halo that left me bored because I was using laser guns against more unreal enemies.

w.r.t. “what’s the point” . If something is good, why break it by the unquestionable need to change. I sit about 1m from a 55inch screen. I went back to 3 and, oh my goodness, felt ill after 3 mins with the camera shake.

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With maxed Cards Marcus is in Living Legend almost the whole Game my record is 40Waves in a Row 11-50 how the hell Cole wants to keep up with that? IMO Cole just another meele Character that is basiclly useless in Master-horde. Yet theres still (even high ReUps) that doesnt want a Marcus in their Game because they either never got a good Marcus or/and dont know how good of a Supporter he can be with the right Cards and Playstyle.

Cole is an incredibly useful Tank. 90% damage reduction when roadie running, with his increased health/ health regen card and his health perk, he is the best tank in the game. He makes a useful Medic for those people who don’t run Jack. He can be combined with smoothing warmth or All The Glory, which allows him to go toe to toe with a Scion and drones.

He may not deal as much damage as Marcus, but Cole can rip through the opening 30 waves, he doesn’t need a Weapons Locker, and doesn’t need to worry about ammo for the most part.

And it is sad that people don’t want Marcus on their team, he is underrated.

I had noticed the other day that my Marcus’ Ult was lasting a minute or few after one more enemy left on Canals. But what sucked was the time the whole team was taking, smelting and so on. Then my Ult keeps on ending before I can continue topping it up for next waves.

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So you guys don’t want Gears to progress for 10+ years? Wow. Imagine if they did that with PVP too? Yikes.

Yeah…historically that doesnt work well for video games.

Listen I’m not a fan of all of TC’s decisions, but if you want a franchise to live on for this long, change is needed, period.

And change was already happening before TC even got involved. Gears 3 made a ton of changes to Horde compared to G2, and TC just continued that natural progression. Gears 4 Horde was overall excellent.

Gears 5 Horde is really fun too, but locking the classes to specific characters is what has caused ppl to be upset with it. But 7 months in, the roster has diversified enough that it’s not really an issue anymore, it’s just different.

All that being said, I don’t see why TC couldn’t just offer a barebones, stripped down version of Horde as a side mode to please some of the OG Horde fans. Seems simple enough.

I do, but as Gears of War. Not “Gears”, if you get my meaning. It’s quickly drifting down a dark path further and further away from the game’s roots.

Gears of War 4 I’ll give you, I enjoyed that Horde. But there is nothing natural about what TC are doing to this Franchise as of Gears 5. Horde is a mess and a complete shell of what it used to be.

The fact that they haven’t even considered a “barebones” variant already is disgusting on it’s own.