Cold hard facts about ping and when the A.I. for the game. Needs improvement, if you are apart of the coalition these should be easy things to see because the facts are there

First of all the biggest issue with multiple player is seeing things like “back packing” rubber banding" “slap shots” and several other things that simply should not be happening, all these things primarily happen when a person’s ping is between 40ish to 60ish if you are in this spot you will not be having a good time, to get a shot off you will see the most of your kills happen when you are among at where a person was previously standing or over their shoulder, and when you die 90% of the time its from back packing, their gun is literally pointing the opposite direction of your hit box, if your pings is over 60 you are able to for the most part maneuver past any one on the map but shots are a bit innaccurate, if your ping is below 40 shots are extremely accurate but you move like a slug, first and foremost, none of the inconsistencies should be happening in this game at all what so ever. To actually improve this game, stop focusing on graphics they are goid enough, get to the drawing board on mechanics and make sure every player no matter what their ping is has the same consistency and when they land a shot its always the same visually from the player or opponent, get your selves together make the game right, a game like this cost around 700k to make and this is what it produces. Kind of a joke


My ping is generally 40-70 and my experience is not like how you describe at all. I find the game to be mostly consistent although I seem to be in the minority, at least on the forums. My point is it’s not “cold hard facts” to everyone.

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Id say higher pings sponge more.

But I’ve played at high ping & it’s not all amazing either.

No one wins.

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Asking TC to fix gears, is like asking a blind person to find a needle in a haystack.

Don’t @ me…I hate you

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