Coins should buy boost/ rerolls

This new coin system you should be able to buy boost and reroll the star challenges instead of using iron , how was this not implemented?
You can buy everything else with the coins except esports


You get coins from tour ranks, and when tour is done keep on getting coins from redoing legendary rank. Would be strange if you could get infinite coins, or if you could run out of coins from rerolling to try to get more coins.

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E sports items are made to fund e sports. I dont think the e sport players want their prize pool to be gears coins instead of real money

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Yes I get esports needs funding I’m fine with that .
But why can’t you buy boost or re roll you daily challenges with the new coin system

Yeah, just de-value Iron even further

There’s no need for iron when you have this new system in place if you don’t have enough coins either grind or buy like the esports section is where it shows a price

You’re not the brighest lamp, are you? Have you considered that there’s ppl sitting on thousands of Iron that lost all value now that E-sports suddenly requires actual money?

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How’s about that iron turns into gear coins, you muppet !

Iron should go. Make it all coins and make them purchasable.

I didn’t pay 100€ to get some stupid currency that gets handed out like free BJs during Spring Break.


Won’t lie, I saw the stuff was for cash now and didn’t even click I I can’t get them, with my 10k iron. I want to help support the game, sucks my iron(cash) is wort less now.

Though why is it worthless now? You still can buy most of the stuff?

I’d argue due they want some stuff which people “need” to pay for, due they still deliever free content and stuff. Especially due you now can unlock almost everything by playing.

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If you could re roll with coins you would be able to keep getting objectives indefinitely because you would be getting coins for finishing the objectives. Everyone would kill the tour of duty in like 2 days.

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You get free coins by completing the tour. So you want to get coins by spending coins? I’d say no. That lessens Iron’s value even more than it already was, and the tour itself. I was never a fan of iron only content but this? No.

Would be nice, but I disagree… cause then my Iron really would be useless as the only 2 things I spend it on now.

As expected from your pfp.

You’re a bot if you payed loads for iron