Coins Feeling Buggy

Am i the only one thats having a problem with coins.

Ex. I complete a match and earn three sets of coins and before i leave to the lobby it says i have 3,000, but when i get to the menu it says 2,000

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Maybe they’re taxing us

For sure.

I had 24k after leveling up last week. Lost 3k :pensive:

Jesus, T.C. really got us out here struggling :pensive:

I’m sitting on a 165+k coin stockpile and haven’t lost any, so not sure what’s going on here.

I’ve lost a bit of coin to T.C. not much maybe about 2-4k? I don’t remember but it seems to be a bug that affects players randomly.

It hasn’t happened to me lately but during the events of OP 4 I would lose about 300 coins randomly on top of the escape rewards I’ve yet to receive

I hope they address the uneven coin amounts back from when scrap was converted to coins, My coin amounts always end with 1 and its driving me up a wall.

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I have probably lost 7k+ so far. As this has happened once this OP and twice in the last.

Quite unfortunate but not a substantial amount by any means imo.

There’s also not really that much attention being drawn to it. The only way to get those coins back I’m assuming is to just ask Dana.

I feel like nobody looks at these tickets anyway

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But that’s the Year One timed exclusive. You can’t unlock it anymore.:sweat_smile:

How the ticket process probably goes…