Coin system suggestion

The new coin system is a cool idea. But like a lot of players I miss some of the exclusive skins. I’m way less motivated to play escape now that I only get coins. There was always something I liked about earning skins for specific objectives, like I was super stoked to get my onyx guard longshot skin in op 2 because I had to work at it and win ffa games or my hive buster skins for topping escape leaderboards. Now anyone can grind and buy the onyx guard skins.

My suggestion would be to use the coins to buy stuff that has been in the store previously plus whatever is released in the store and skill cards, I love that aspect of it. But still have exclusive skins like before for escape leaderboards and tour medals. Kind of bugs me that versus players still get their ranked skins (I’m not really a fan of gears versus myself so I miss out on those) but the pve players can’t get anything special for topping global leaderboards which still takes a lot of effort and skill. Just points to buy skins from the same pool as everybody else.