COG Skinergy (Skin combinations)

Hey there gearheads!

I know there are those who play whatever on weapon skins and characters, doing combos like… Luchador Oscar with Yellow weapon skins or whatever.

But there are others like me who love to combine characters and weapon skins.

On this post i will include some of my favorite Character-Weapon skin combinations that i’m able to do with my current content. (Of course, they are not the only possible combination, but the ones i think that match the best, and i will not include the obvious combos, like UIR with UIR weapon skins)

Hope you like em!

Character - Weapon set:


Aaron Griffin - Golden gear


Armored Baird - Hanover Cougars


Mechanic Baird - Corpser


Bernie - Boomer


Clayton Carmine - King Raven (Rather than carmine weapon set)


Gary Carmine - Hanover Cougars


V-Day Gear (Male) - Jack (My personal favorite lately)


Classic Commando Dom - Corpser


Commando Dom - Wrestler Oscar


V-Day Hoffman - Raam


Lieutenant Fenix - Liquid Chrome


Outsider JD - Hanover Cougars


Ricardo Garcia’s Armored JD - Ceremonial


Classic Marcus - Jack


V-Day Marcus - Raam


E-Day Minh - Carmine


Outsider Oscar - Sugar


Tai Kaliso - Wrestler Oscar

And thats pretty much it! For all of you skinergy brothers out there, if you liked em let me know and i do a Swarm post!



I’m surprised I didn’t notice before that some of those skins go really well with some characters. I personally love my Console white skins on the Specter Deadeye and on Lt. Fenix


yeah wish i had all of the paid weapon sets as well, but you know the drill, you gotta pay a small fortune to get em all

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Great work!

I’m currently liking my Big Rig Dizzy / Mixer Lancer combo. I like the darker Blue on the Lancer with his overalls, the light Blue matches his hat, & the normal Lancer color goes well with the undershirt.

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nice combo!

im currently waiting the ranked rewards, i wanna see how the Silver weapon set looks with Lieutenant JD

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Guess which Weapon Skin works with ANY Character?

Default + Custom Lancer.

i know right?

thing is the rest of the weapons dont have that kinda “gray” skins set, so only the main weapons look like that :frowning:

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