COG or Swarm, Let us decide

Am I the only one that wants to be able to choose between COG or Swarm when entering Versus mode? Honestly I look it this way, I saved up since i got the game two days ago scrapping everything i got just to get my Kantus character and I’ve been stuck playing as cog not even once getting to play my beloved Kantus, Please can we just choose what side we want or at least prefer to be on with a higher probability of being on that team? I don’t know I just figure its something that should be brought up since i’ve seen plenty of other posts complaining about this just like me.

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I think this would cause a matchmaking headache.

I’m fine with how it is - and it’s pretty even for the split anyway and I feel I do get to play on both sides …


Just imagine a new COG pack or Swarm pack coming out - everyone will want to be on ONE side - causes more issues than it solves …


Can’t happen because people will complain that it’s just another advantage that stacked teams hold over them.

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If you are a team of 5 you will play as Swarm, unless the other team is also a team of 5.

We have never been able to do this. And as mentioned above, it would cause matchmaking hell.

Silly idea.

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We were able to do this in 2 actually, also it wouldnt be one sided due to it being based on it being decided game by game. Throwing you into a preferred slot unless there is one much easier to connect and join. It wouldn’t be an actual faction like for honor simply based on that game in that session.

An idea that could work if Gears had more people playing but it doesn’t. It would just be another layer on top of the various other things that prevent faster matchmaking.