Cog is better (at least in arcade)

They need to balance the arcade classes for swarm . I get cog has more characters but they have more diverse skills sets . For example No one on swarm has same perks as Minh but 3 skins have same park as Paduk.
So there actually is an advantage if you want to call it that when being Cog

I guess they saw your post and decided the best thing to do was pulling Arcade altogether from the game :stuck_out_tongue:


No no, indefinitely removed. In 6 months they remember it still exists and announce that they forgot to work on it and it won’t return anymore.

I never play Minh, which one is that? - Leaving that aside, both sides have at least 1 character with the existing classes.

Huh? I’m pretty sure Reyna and The Speaker have the same perks and loadout as Minh.

Blood for Bullets? Yeah, that’s Speaker and Reyna.

I think Marcus on the COG side has that too but it has been so long so I cannot remember.

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Marcus, Tai, one of the Crackheads (don’t quote me on that, only saw them once or twice when they were released) and Minh apparently which I don’t own either.

It’s funny, I really liked the idea of arcade. I really wanted to enjoy it. I briefly did enjoy it, as an interesting diversion. But it just didn’t grab me and then it seemed some classes outweighed others. Heck once I got DB and Warden, I just grabbed my Overkill and used my X-Ray passive to ambush everyone. It just seemed quite unbalanced.

I’d be keen to hear why it’s been taken down - what effect on other modes was it having, other than diluting the player base perhaps?

Nah, arcade has been broken for months. Sometimes you’ll get in and never spawn, other times the scoreboard wont go away, still others everyone will be sliding around the map like they’re on rails.

Its one of my favorite game modes, but it does need some TLC

No Minh had active reload rounds on each kill . Picked up a boom shot and went on a spree . That’s how I noticed him as a good option

Bullets for Blood. That’s Raam on the Swarm-side.

Not that it matters anymore.

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