Cog gear ultimate

Can we get the old team revive that was in gears 4?

It used to revive dead player along with picking anyone up

The only way to make it half way decent on the hardest difficulty it to run “get up” and “overdoing it” and even then its pretty lacking considering every enemy tries to instant kill you as soon as you hit the ground.

I’m looking at you juvies!

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Which do you think is better out of Overdoing It and Get Up, if they were both maxed out and you could only run one of them? Is the healing more beneficial than the stim?

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I run get up not overdoing it.

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I prefer Overdoing It, in most cases Stim will wear off after one hit so it’s already wasted. Overdoing It provides fast and constant health regen for a few seconds and damage resistance. As long as you’re not being shot at by a Boomshot or something, the regen will help you run away more than the Stim imo.

Yeah ive had the stim shot off in one hit while the overdoing it will keep the player alive if they running back to safety.