Cog Gear- The Rook (Adv Horde Cards/Tactics) by Hu1k Daddy

Hello everyone,

This is my Sixth character breakdown for Horde. If you haven’t checked out my other guides, please feel free to do so. Just type in Hu1k in the search and my guides should pop up.

-Cog Gear- The new blood is all about support. He is a fun character to play as and many will find him a “Jack of all Trades” type of character but not really a Master of any. His ability cards really allow him to have multiple different roles he could potentially play.

All right, lets kick some Juvies in the face and take a look at how he plays.

*** This was put together after maxing out The COG Gear and playing with him on Elite to Master Difficulty***

General Playstyle and Early Levels

The Cog Gear is a Support Class Character. His passive will allow a cool-down to your Ultimate by Marking enemies before they are slain. I find his Personal Skill Upgrades while in game (By pressing Y after the wave’s end) are the best set for any Hero thus far.

Top- Health Level Increase
Down- Rifle Damage Increase
Left- Ultimate Cool-down Timer
Right- Damage you take makes you ULT cool-down faster

All four of these are good. In the past guides we have gone over, some Hero’s have some great personal skill upgrades that a great for them, while others are completely useless (Ammo Regin). But for the CG all his feel like a perfect selection for what his true role is-Support.

When you first start playing as the CG he will feel like a fun class to be. As said before, he is a great Jack of trades type class to be and doesn’t suffer from any early on weakness-like a JD for example.

Now Lets take a look at some early card selections/skills you can apply:

Healing Bounty, Razor’s Edge, Perfect Condition, Suppresive Recharge

This is what you would be looking at around Rank 5. Any one of these would be ok. Healing Bounty is a really good early game card and can make you feel kinda like invincible since who ever kills the targets you mark are completely healed, Including yourself. Razor’s Edge and Perfect Condition are a good one/two punch to help keep you on your feet. Suppresive Recharge is a lot of fun as well, but you can skip this card until later if you like.

Mid Level Playstyle

All right, I can see that Grizzle on ya. Marcus would be proud!

By now you probably starting to get a pretty good feel for how the CG works. And like I was, may even have that-“Man I need more than 5 card Spots” since so many of the CG Cards/Skills are actually really good and easy to get Duplicates of early since most are Common/ Rare at this point.

With that, takes take a good look at what Cards/Skills you can setup with at Level 9:

Healing Bounty, Razor’s Edge, Perfect Condition, Custom Lancer, Dodge

This 5 card set will turn your Gear into a true Tank of a character. But unlike Marcus who I feel resembles more as an Offensive Tank, your role will be more of Support Tank. With this setup, it will give you some fire power with Custom Lancer and even more Damage Resistance against those pesky snipers-Sigh If only Anthony had Dodge equipped.

High Level Playstyle

“COG Through and Through!” You did it. It took some time, but you made it to High Level’s. Congrats, they may even let you take your Helmet off.

So, up to now we have really only gone over the Support Tank setup to this point. However, the Cards/Skills that become available from here are pretty good. This is where you can see the potential different options on builds that you can play around with and see what suits you best. I feel this is the best thing about the CG, as he doesn’t really have a “I must use this Card or we won’t win” (Like Kait -JD Bleed Cards) feeling to him.

So after, trying multiple different options with the CG, I came up with the below set for myself. This is what we would be looking at when level 16.

Perfect Condition, Get Up, Suppresive Recharge, Team Repair, Overdoing it

This set is a lot of fun. Its more of an ULT focused build, but it will allow you to be the true support class that you are. With Suppresive Recharge you can really keep your ULT recharged with those Grenade kills. Team Repair, is great in that it will Heal all Fortifications on the Map for the current Card Level Percentage. Get Up and Overdoing it are a perfect fit together and will allow you to stay on your feat long enough after use to get out of any overrun location.

Ok, that about covers the Cards/Skills. Now lets talk about some Breakdowns and Additional Help .

Many looking at this may wonder why I did not choose Custom Lancer. Well as it does give you a Damage Boost to all 3 Lancer’s (Unlike Marcus’s Card) I feel that going Pop shots with Boomshots, or using the Claw just suits him better.

Now, lets go over Suppresive Recharge. You want to be using Shocks for this and not reg grenades. The reason being is due to the reg grenades explosive range is messed up right now and you can kill yourself pretty easy while trying to stick someone. Additionally, Shocks can now be replenished by Pilfer ammo pick ups, while the other grenade types cannot.

Next thing to keep in mind is you don’t want to plant any grenades as they won’t due enough damage to kill anyone. Instead, you will have two options. If an Emago or Juvie a Direct plant on them will get the job done but if an Elite Drone or something like this, you will have another method. Shoot them until they go to their DBNT animation. Run up them and press X to pick up them as a meat shield. As soon as you do- press UP on the D-pad to stick a grenade on their head while killing them in the process.
This is considered as an Execution, so it is a guaranteed grenade kill to help replenish your ULT timer. Now, here is the best part. If you do this on the 2nd grenade, causing you to go out of grenades. They remain in your inventory instead of completely being removed and making you buy more.

OK, that about sums up everything. I hope this can help you out and of course these sets are designed for players playing in random Custom matches. If you find a better set, let it be known below.

If any questions, post them here. Good Luck Gears!


Really enjoy your guides. Played Cog a bit and he is very valuable if handled correctly. Well done!

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Thank you sir.

That means a lot. As it takes a great deal of time to do them :slight_smile:

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Team Repair helps a lot to bypass buying destroyed fortifications back. I had a Matriarch destroy some fortifications and COG Gear used Team Repair. The fortifications came back.

But there are one shot downs that could easily be prevented by using Helpful Headshot. So not sure.

See that’s what’s awesome about the CG. There is actually a different way to play or different viable options.

I really like playing as the CG and I feel he really doesn’t have a weakness. But at the same time not really a master of anything either.

Thanks for the post👍

good stuff … another good read

Thank you again :+1:

I’m glad you think so.

I really like the difference in characters now, i wonder what sort of cards hoffman, any carmine or barrick would have.

Good guide as well

I’ve tried the pistol head shot but honestly I don’t notice if it helps. Stim is always nice but your not going to be getting kills with the pistol. It only soaks up like 1 round. It’s okay to have but like you said CoG has so many good cards it’s hard to fit it into 5 slots. I would mostly shoot something with the pistol to get stim then switch to my real weapon. I also don’t know how wide is the range of the stim. I know it gives stim to team mates but they need to be close. I don’t think you can get stim if your injured. I’ve been in red and started head shoting people with the pistol to try to keep myself up. I think it only works if your topped off. They might have made it that way so you can’t stand out in the open constantly getting stim while soaking up dmg.

I use the healing bounty on masters. Mainly for when I have a tri shot. If I mark a target while I’m shooting it the heal lets me stay alive longer. If multiple drones are shooting me it doesn’t make a difference lol

Maybe because I only have them at low lvl but the team regen and stim on ult ( to me) felt like it didn’t give people time to get back in cover. Id pop the ult when Jack or multiple people went down and unless they were behind something they got downed again before they could move. Jack is fine but that’s because he has cloak.

I’m pretty sure frag grenades replenish with ammo boxes. I’ve planted 1 then grabbed a box to plant another. So long as I had 1 left I didn’t have to buy more. Your probably right about using shock grenades over frag. Leeches tend to run past them and they get out of the blast range before they go off. Frags aren’t enough to one shot a drone on masters.

I love how fast the ult recharges with suppression and the ult is literally an Oh ■■■■! button. Perfect for if Jack goes down. When CoG came out and it said “Support” I was hoping we would get an alternative to Jack. While the CoG does a good job of supporting he isn’t replacing Jack sadly. We pretty much NEED a Jack. It would be nice if we had more than one choice for such a required role. Slightly similar to Kat and Del, except one is clearly superior than the other but it’s still doable. At least the choice is still there.

Has anyone looked at sentrys when popping team repair ult? I don’t think it refills ammo but it would be nice if someone could confirm it.

Hey Evil,

No it unfortunately does not give ammo to sentries,

And yea try playing on like insane with this setup, when a swarm goes DBNO try the grenade thing mentioned. You will see your grenades still there when on empty instead of being completely gone.


Always interesting to see the skill card combo you end up going with, I used the same level 9+ combo but then just switched out custom lancer (as I typically use the claw & tri-shot as soon as they’re available) for get up when I reached level 16 and have stuck with the following ever since:

  1. Dodge
  2. Get Up
  3. Healing Bounty
  4. Perfect Condition
  5. Razor’s Edge

I’ve found this combination of cards works on the highest difficulties and makes Cog Gear the most damage resistant hero class that’s currently available.

As a side note, I noticed a while ago that the amount of stim received for revives via Get Up isn’t increased consistently as you level up the card:

  1. Level 1 - 30%
  2. Level 2 - 40%
  3. Level 3 - 50%
  4. Level 4 - 52%
  5. Level 5 - ?

I queried this with Ryan Cleven and he said the level 4 increase wasn’t an error and was actually a design choice (although he didn’t understand the reason behind it).

Has anyone got their Get Up card to level 4/5 and if so could you confirm the stim percentage that the level 5 card generates per revive?

Hey Firestorm,

I like the picks you have chosen as that is definitely what I call the berserker class. The only thing different I was doing was using surpressive recharge in place of Get up.

But I am only at level 3 on Get up so I cannot yet confirm. However is this is so. I may need to adjust the guide.

Lastly I really liked your first sentence. :+1:

My Get Up card is also level three at the moment but as I could see that it stated 52% in the next card level description I queried it with Ryan.

To be honest at 50% stim per revive it only takes two revives when using the ultimate to be fully stimmed so it doesn’t make the card any less desirable, it just takes away most of the incentive to get it to level four.

Suppressive Recharge is a solid card but doesn’t feel as essential as those that I’ve gone for as cooldown time can be reduced via damage done (Cog Gear can do a decent amount when it’s difficult for him/her to be downed ) & perks.

Finally, you’re welcome :sunglasses:, although I don’t think I’ve completely agreed with any of your high level card combos so far in these guides, it’s still great to see an alternative approach to each build.

There’s always at least one card which I’ll give another try after reading one of your guides (in this case it was Overdoing It…which for me would go in the sixth skill card slot if we had one :wink:).

Hey Fire,

Much appreciated on the kind words. I can’t reply to the other thread right now but yes if you can join would be cool to see you there.

Thanks again.

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Does using the GL for COG Gear count for grenade kills with suppressive recharge equipped ?

Interesting question. I’d like to know this too.

Hey man.

It does not unfortunately.

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Ahh man, thanks anyways