Cog Gear The Coalition Soldier Skin

Hey guys, so I haven’t unlocked cog gear yet but when I hover over him/her in the customization menu it shows this “The Coalition Soldier” Skin which kinda looks like an onyx guard but with the Coalition symbol on it. I’m not complaining but it this a permanent skin I somehow unlocked or just a bug or just a placeholder so we can see how cool T.C.’s ■■■■ is?


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Yeah, I searched to see if there was another topic about this. None seems to exist.

They did recently announce an Onyx Guard skin will be available in operation 2.

It’s a glitch, probably a future skin.

I dont think so. I think its similar to the white skin TC employees had in Gears 4

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I didn’t even know they had an exclusive skin in 4.

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Seeing it now, I vaguely remember that.

But they’re not Indie Devs.



Just so I’m sure, you’re referring to how in the lore they are referred to as indies?

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But I’m pretty sure it’s a T.C. exclusive skin cuz I can see their symbol on the armor

It’s a developer skin unfortunately

What skin is he talking about? I have yet to see this.
Edit: Nvm, I found it.