Cog Gear Skin Ideas

The new Hivebuster skins for JD, Del, and Kait got me wondering if they’ll make a Hivebuster skin for the Cog Gear.

Also, it’d be awesome if they started dishing out new skins we haven’t been able to play with, like the stranded looking Gears in the first act of Gears of War 3 on the ship. Or if they made like a pendulum wars commando skin like how Hoffman and Dom had. I always thought it looked goofy in gears 4 when Hoffman and Dom had this unique commando armor while the others are using the standard armor when they’re supposed to be commandos too.

What do you all think? Will the Cog Gear and the rest of the cast get the Hivebuster treatment? What ideas do you got for new Gear skins?

V-day Gear and V-day Medic would be a fair addition.
(With helmetless styles)


Since GOW4 I’ve always wanted more variants for the COG Gear based on the old GOW4 Horde class system - Soldiers, Heavies, Scouts etc, all with distinctly different designs. The Heavy would have a grenade belt, bulkier armour; while the Scout has lighter armour and shotgun shells attached to their forearm; the Engineer has a tool belt etc… all have different helmet designs.


Expect these in the store for 2.50 a piece.

At this rate it seems like every COG hero is going to get a Hive Skin, all we’re missing right now is Fahz, Gear, Carmines, and anyone who comes with OP 4.


I just want Chrome Steel Varmelo. Chrome Steel Casan looks great, but the character is way too obnoxious to ever play.

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Yes. I really wish they could get different voice actors for the female gear variants

Her only good voice line is “open your eyes idiot!” outside of that, she does my head in.