COG Gear Skills Bugged?

Your posting something completely unrelated to the topic and passing it off as

My saying I didn’t know what COG Gear level is isn’t unrelated I found out by posting. My opinion is still valid input that I think horde is an irrelevance to Gears, especially if you’re a GoW1 veteran like myself.

I too am a gow1 vet.Hell my first achievement for “100 kills with this weapon” was the hammer of dawn on roof tops lol It doesn’t make any of our opinions stronger.

The idea that horde is irrelevant in gears is incorrect because Gears damn near wrote the book for horde mode. Other games had something like it but Gears were the first ones to really push it. After gears 2 even Halo started coping that formula with a knock off(firefight). Just because it wasn’t around in the first game doesn’t mean it’s never going to be important.