COG Gear Skills Bugged?

Yes, this is currently an issue reported by other people on the forum.

No known fix as of yet.

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im havin this issue too

me too :frowning:

I’ve played GoW since 06 and don’t know what Gear Skills levels/cards/points are. The only skill I know comes from my hands and brain, the amount of high ranked players I’ve beaten with ease in a 1v1 is all the proof I need that Skill COG Gear level means nothing.

Hey Evil,

So I checked it and its there, but now my Gear is locked on level 13 and currently cannot level any further. I assume its due to this issue so, guess we just have to wait until this is corrected.

Orig COG Gear Bugged Skills Thread

As of today, my green snub cards been activated. Hopefully you all are experiencing the same.

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Ditto. I logged on not long ago and noticed that the Modified Snub and Helpful Headshots cards have been added. Fingers crossed for everyone!

Vs. only?

Thanks man. Here is Hoping. :+1:

Yes, why?

Yep both cards were activated when I went into the game this evening.

Question was about horde

Skill cards are a vital aspect of horde and escape.


Horde and escape aren’t a vital part of Gears though, so who cares?

Whatever. Play your own way.

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Why even post in a horde/escape thread if you only play vs?


Do you see us going into a versus thread and saying “They should adjust this so its easier for horde”

Considering all the issues with the game more people might be playing horde over versus. Hell gears made horde mode popular. Halo didn’t have anything like it till gears 2 did it. Next thing you know halos introducing firefight.

It’s all pointless cause when CoD gets here hardly anyone will be playing this game anymore.

I didn’t know you had to play horde/escape to post on the thread.

Your posting something completely unrelated to the topic and passing it off as