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Cog gear problem

Hi I recently brought the cog gear player with my own money but it’s not showing the challenges I need to do as I have it equipped it says 2 more challenges left but i can’t see the challenges any help?

Under customize- totems you should see the challenges

If you’ve bought it with money/Iron then the character is instantly playable without having to do the totem challenges.

I’ve tried that it doesn’t have a option to view challenges during gameplay it says cog gear totem equipped ‘something like that’ But says 2 challenges left but I can view the challenges

Did you buy the COG Gear of the Oynx Guard Cog Gear skin? If you bought the character then you should be able to play as them. If they arent in your roster try restarting the game

If you bought the character then you cannot view the challenges. Close the Gears 5 app and restart it.

Then go to the menu and character customization screen. COG Gear should be there on the left.

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Ok thank you il try that