Cog Gear mains - what cards do you run on Horde and Escape

I recently took the decision to level up Cog Gear, and after about 50 tedious Insane speedruns on The Surge, I’m now level 16, with all my cards maxed out apart from my yellow card which is level 2 and a couple of purples which are only level 4. I can’t face doing many more speed runs, certainly not for this character and actually want to get on with using her in Horde and Escape properly.

I’m using the same cards for both modes

Perfect Condition Lvl 5
Razor’s Edge Lvl 5
Dodge Lvl 5
Suppressive Recharge Lvl 4
Overdoing It Lvl 4

If speedrunning on Escape I use Modified Snub instead of Suppressive Recharge.

So - to any fellow Cog Gear mains, I’m keen to hear:

  • what cards you run for each mode, including which ones are locks and which ones you swap out depending on map/difficulty/team mate character choices.
  • which card you think is overall more useful on higher difficulty runs : Overdoing it (healing bonus on team revive) or Get Up (stim bonus on team revive)
  • useful synergies you have found with various line-ups of other heroes and ways to play.

For example, I joined a Horde 41-50 last night on Elite and apart from using my active ability, I didn’t find Cog Gear all that useful. I still go downed a lot and had weedy firepower. Maybe as I hadn’t been able to use any perks prior to starting?

Your input is welcome!

Helpful Headshots was adjusted for Operation 3, so now all headshots done with any weapon give you; as well as nearby team mates stim (within 10 ingame metres).

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On higher level horde you want suppressive recharge and custom lancer then fill in with the damage reduction cards. Honestly you are only there to stay alive and revive the team and run around with a tri-shot. Most of his cards blow for higher level play.

Overdoing it is a pointless card so switch that out with the lancer one for a little extra damage while the bigger weapons are reloading.

If you are decent with your grenade use you should have revive up for at least 90% of the match.


That stim is gone in like one hit however so it’s hardly worth it in my opinion.

Good call. So you don’t bother with his legendary yellow card? I don’t know whether stim on revival is better, worse or the same (ie just as useless!) as the healing bonus for xx seconds of his epic purple Overdoing It card.

Which perks would you max out first, and would you say best etiquette is to contribute to the fab for the first 10 rounds, then spend perks? Or, spend perks for the first 10 waves then contribute to fabricator, only perking occasionally?

If you can sustain multiple headshots on an enemy using an automatic weapon, then you can regain it as fast as you lose it. It’s definitely useful especially as it applies to nearby team mates too.

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Wow I’d forgotten about this and must get round to trying it. Do you know if it works with heavy weapons too?

I don’t know. Hopefully it does because Lizzie’s stim card works with heavy weapons too.

I’m all about full support with COG Gear:

Get Up
Helpful Headshots
Razor’s Edge
Perfect Condition
Helping Bounty

I know a lot of people don’t use Healing Bounty, but that card is extremely helpful when you need that extra quick boost of health, after getting shot.

Yeah healing bounty, I’m in 2 minds about. I sort of feel like on higher difficulties, the HP boost isn’t enough to make it worth it and on lower difficulties it’s less important anyway. If CG is meant to primarily be a medic, then I think anything that gets the ultimate up quicker and with perks when it’s activated, is the way to go. And by extension, anything that can keep CG alive longer. So, more about taking less damage in the first place yourself rather than improving health.

If only we could run 6 cards!

I normally switch out Healing Bounty for Suppressive Recharge if I’m playing Horde. But COG Gear is really useless on Master Horde. He just doesn’t even have somewhat of enough fire power, even with Custom Lancer equipped.

I just like playing her because if you revive the whole team, just when it looks like it’s game over, you get a huge feeling of “I saved the day”!

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On higher levels supressive recharge is useless because it is virtually impossible to get kills with frags. I posted elsewhere, wave 49 Master. I spent 8 frags without a single kill. I tagged multiple damaged DBs, including a FROZEN DEADEYE, who didnt die from the explosion… On higher horde diff waves that is a useless card…

Custom lancer with a retro wasnt bad. Helpful headshots for sure… Overdoing it. Get Up… I use those… Team repair…

Yes frag kills are tricky, you either throw early and they survive or throw late and someone else kills them before they go off. Best way is to bag and tag a downed enemy. I’ve heard it’s better with shocks rather than frags.

That depends on what difficulty you are playing on and not only what classes you are playing with but how good they are. If your engineer is crappy then you will want to perk up so you can survive to help the team but if the engineer is good then deposit first because a good base is always the most important.

As for which perks to build first you should do the two that help your ultimate cooldown. I generally only put one point into health for the 10% and then ignore it since the rest really doesn’t matter with any character. Figure if you are playing on insane or master you shouldn’t be getting hit in the first place since you’ll be dead regardless so boosting health a tiny fraction is rather pointless. Health regeneration is even more pointless in my experience. I usually avoid those and watch what I’m doing and stay out of trouble in the first place.

On those higher levels it’s important to know your role and what your overall job is which is to be ready to pull the team out in a pinch so having your ultimate up as often as possible is your main priority. Most of your cards are what I would pick and you can play with the fifth depending on what you feel compliments you the best. Most of them are solid cards…Cog gear they did a really good job with overall.

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Not if you are good and toss them at downed enemies. You shouldn’t be placing them to take out full health enemies, rather when they are extremely low on health . This will keep your ultimate up almost constantly.

Shocks I think are always better unless you are Sarah Connor who can pack 7 frags and toss them all.

heal revived teammates and yourself, grant stim, less damage from snipers, less damage when injured, less damage when uninjured

and you are the tank and keep the team going forever

Only having 5 cards, I feel like there has to be a trade-off and only have either the purple “overdoing it” or yellow “get up”. Because I need the 3 damage-saving ones and the one that reduces ultimate cooldown with grenade kills.

Which do you all find more useful? Overdoing it for a healing bonus for revived team mates, or Get Up, for 50% stim for you and revised team mates?

Honestly that fifth card is just extra, it’s not a necessity like the other 4 are so use whatever you like better. Both offer only minor benefits that don’t really do all that much.

Play a couple matches running with only 4 cards and you’ll see that not much, if anything, really changes.