Cog gear idea to make him more viable

I love playing this support role but Cog Gear gets booted most games. I don’t think adding kill power fits the role. I would like to see small buffs to help teammates tank. A couple ideas I can think of is giving him a special grenade ability like giviing shocks a stim syphon to anyone 10m of the grenade. Or combine razors edge and perfect condition so he can run out into the fray to revive teammates when his ultimate is down.

Intervention is great and I like the new passive ability so you can keep close wounded teammates and buffer their healing.

Cog gear is already good in horde with the perk improvements. If somebodies kicking you then they’re not a good enough player to think that master is easy yet and you don’t want to play with them anyway.

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Agreed. The COG Gear is fine as things are now. We’re still at a stage where we’re trying to move away from the old established meta, but it’s a slow and gradual process. Hopefully over time more and more people will see other lesser used characters as being perfectly viable for hard difficulties.

Although I would probably agreed that Razor’s Edge and Perfect Condition could probably be merged into one single card. COG Gear has some useful cards and it’d be nice to be able to equip one extra one.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t COG Gear Intervention card useless on the higher difficulties, with the DBNO modifier?

You can always toss some explosives or everyone’s favorite heavy weapon at the problem(not literally in the case of the latter).

Using a tri-shot all day long just to use Intervention has to be the most boring thing to ever do.

I did say explosives are also an option.

And if it wasn’t obvious by the way I worded that second half of the sentence I hinted at that not being a very entertaining option. But the skill as a whole does not seem very great. Kill an enemy from a certain range within an ally when they’re downed is likely just going to result in said enemy either executing or putting the ally into a DBNO struggle before you get to kill it, at least in Horde. It may have some uses in Escape.

Not necessarily. It’s a bit harder to use but there are viable weapons to use - Boomshots, Longshots, Dropshots, Frags… Even a well placed Snub can do it.

If JD can OHKO with active GL, then so can COG Gear, without needing the bleed effect.

They both have 60% damage cards.

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I can’t like your idea enough.It’s really great

I can’t get excited about the card at high difficulty. When you need it most the chips are down and you’re not a dps. I wanted to get excited about the card but after trying it my experience is that it’s as bad as Paduk’s Armored shot. 2 legendary cards that look awesome but work awful.

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I keep forgetting about the GL - not only with Cog Gear but with Marcus too.
Now I wanna play as cog gear tonight and see if my disdain for Intervention is still valid.

I have never tried this before so I don’t know if this works… What happens if cog gear buys mg/shock sentrys or any other fortifications and gets kills from them, would that still work for his intervention card? If it does, then maybe it’s not that bad as people think (in horde). Like I said I haven’t tried it yet.

I need to try this with my team one day, not gonna do it with randoms

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Last time I’ve checked COG Gear throwing frag grenades, on Master, are like mosquitoes biting the enemy let alone killing them. Especially if you’re playing with other strong characters, the odds of COG Gear getting kills is very slim.

So does COG Gear have a much better damage output on Master? Don’t he have a damage perk also?

This is 100% how I feel about this card also. I was very disappointed when I went into a match thinking I was gonna revive down teammates just to forget about the DBNO modifier. I instantly stopped using him after that moment :pensive:.

I believe someone in here ran those tests before, I don’t remember who though. But this would be interested to know.

I tested MG Sentries and they definitely don’t work. I’m not totally sure about other things like Barriers or Shock sentries, but given TC have now removed secondary effects from fortifications (like bleed, freeze etc) I suspect none of them do.

Might have been me. As above, I tested the MG Sentries several weeks ago and they didn’t work with Intervention.

He does have Assault Rifle damage perk.

I find playing Cog Gear on high difficulties boring after a few waves because lancer doesn’t do a hell of a lot of damage as the other characters and weapons they have.

Plus big factor if your in a base and someone has left the base and are stupid enough to be near any enemy far from the base to get taken down they arent much of a team player and theyve just ran off and got took out.

If you think about it this is the only way that card is useful as its revive on the distance the person is from the kill. If your in your base and someone goes down your more likely to go get them it will be faster than pouring a full mag on to an enemy and in that time someone else might have finished them off.

I think maybe the person should be revived based on where the cog is when he killed the enemy that way it will benefit everyone in the base and not just people who are near the enemies to go down as theyll likely get downed again.

Once you upgrade cog gears critical perk to 10. He can be really good when using trishots or even longshots. As long as you are aiming in the head of course.

It’s work best against unforgiving enemies like wretches and leaches. Those are one that don’t give you a second chance at life on hard difficulty setting but easily killed.

Most charcters don’t need buffs in this game. Lot’s are way too strong. Cog gear is very strong. Master horde is a joke. The game is overall way too easy and they need to make it way more challenging and make lot’s of charecters weaker. I can give you examples but their is a lot that needs to change