Cog Gear Corpse not unlocking

Hey I just purchased Cog gear corpse and he’s not showing up in my customization, do I have to unlock regular cog gear to have him?

Yes you need to unlock Cog Gear before being able to use any skins.

If you had not unlocked the default base skin, then you would have received this warning message before purchasing. While it’s a crap system, you can’t say you weren’t warned.


What a ridiculous concept, I have to grind or buy a character before using a skin I pay for. It’s almost as stupid as paying real money for a skin, almost.

This pic never fails on this site


Why do these posts keep appearing, it’s obvious you need the charecture to use the skin, it even tells you as you try to buy the skin, it’s like buying an xbox game and expecting to play it without a xbox