Cog Gear Bug: Two Skill cards not obtainable/appearing

In the “Skill Unlocks” menu for the skill cards it appears “Helpful Headshots” (common) and Modified Snub” (rare) are missing from the list and cannot be unlocked due to this. I’m level 8 and haven’t unlocked them yet. Has anyone else?


They might be later level unlocks. I noticed that there’s no card listed for a level 9 unlock so maybe one of them will unlock then. Those cards are definitely missing off of the skill unlocks list. Hopefully they’re just missing off the skills unlock list and you can still unlock them rather than the skills unlocking being bugged.

Hmm we shall see, I’ll comment when I reach level 11 since level 9 and 11 are gapped with nothing. Unless someone else can confirm

EDIT: just reached rank 11 & still nothing sooo I think it’s safe to assume they are not obtainable at this current time

Level 13 and still haven’t gotten the.

Yeah i can confirm that these cards are not currently unlockable. I’ve already reached level 16 and i would of already had these skill cards at a high level by now. Do you think the Coalition will compensate us, for wasting our time by boosting these cards when they are patched. Nah i doubt it.

Thank you guys for confirming, I knew I wasn’t going crazy. Hopefully TC is aware about this bug.

Isn’t it nice to buy/grind content that’s yours and not even receive all of it? Definitely don’t think its a bug at all but that’s just my opinion. Was hoping to reach max lvl and at least get them but nope still not usable. As if the game wasn’t lacklustre in anything but micro transactions already, now you literally don’t even get what you pay for… Lmfao.

They mentioned on the dev stream last week that they were aware of it. Should hopefully be fixed soon but this is TC we’re talking about here.

It’s funny how you tell me that because in the most recent update, they literally changed the tier of the cards “Helpful headshots” is now a rare and modified Snub is now a common but its not obtainable still? But it also looks like they added those skills cards into the “Skill unlocks” menu, now being those cards being unlocked at lv7 and lv9 so if there’s a new cog gear out there leveling up they’ll get them buut people like us to already surpassed those levels have to wait still…

It’s just funny how they switched the tiers of the cards… so random lol

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Just outa curiousity, has anyone noticed any changes to the available abilities? My Cog Gear has the skill Helpful Headshots now, but still doesnt have the modified snub ability. =/

So far can’t get the cards still because i was past the unlock level to get them in the first place

Really they fix it I’m lvl 14 almost 15 sonic fuiger I’ll just finish the level and get it but no still locked were doni adk for a refund ?

I just hit level 7 and got modified snub unlocked. So it looks like it’s sort of fixed. Sounds like it didn’t retroactively reward it to people who were already past that level already though?

Yes that is correct, so now we wait again unfortunately

Yup, hit level 16 today and havent gotten either modified snub or helpful headshots. I get a bunch of the other green cards but Ive maxed all of them at this point. I think at this point everyone past level 10 should get both retroactively.

I reached level 14 and still don’t have it, hope TC see my problem

I’m 13 and don’t have snub dmg or snub head shots give stim. I think I was past lvl 9 before they put those in the game. They need to fix this ■■■■. If I paid money for this I would be very upset. Luckily I didn’t but what about the people who did? Id think TC would do anything possible to please the whales.

Just checked today My COG Gear cards and realized TC fix My problem.

Guys if you had the same problem, reply this post

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I noticed in the background of the Helpful Headshots perk it showed the escape characters so I went to the COG’s escape setup and found that it is an escape only perk unlocked at levels 7 for modified snub and 9 for helpful headshots.

I’m not sure if the cards can only be used in escape or if it’s only unlocked through escape but the cards only appear if you look through the escape set up. I’m level 11 but only play horde so the cards haven’t unlocked for me.

Need the skill card likeee