COG Commandos Missing Dialogue (will update as more missing dialogue is found)

Much like Prescott on his release, the COG Commandos- both Sanguino and Akagi- are missing key dialogue (and in a couple of instances, saying the incorrect lines). So far the ones missing are:

  • Being damaged by gunfire that isn’t critical
  • Coughing when standing in smoke grenade radius
  • Being damaged by fire
  • Being critically damaged (sniper shots/melee/explosives/close-range Gnasher hits etc.)
  • Executing enemies
  • Making melee attacks
  • Breathing/grunts when roadie running, vaulting, dodging etc
  • Laboured breathing when downed
  • Death screams by gunfire/melee
  • Death screams by fire
  • Death screams by Retro charge
  • Chainsaw warcry
  • Retro charge warcry
  • Incorrectly remarking about upgrading the Fabricator when draining energy from an Energy Tap
  • Swinging the Breaker Mace (regular and heavy attacks)
  • Chainsaw duel warcry
  • Incorrectly using quotes for finding weapons/ammo/pickups when needing to reload in PvE, instead of the appropriate dialogue

These little titbits add so much to the characters, and it is painful that TC have overlooked this issue not once with Captain Hoffman, not twice with Prescott, but now 3 TIMES.
C’mon guys, fix this, please. It’s not difficult, surely.

UPDATE: It is astonishing how much dialogue is missing from these characters. I say this in the utmost politest way possible, but get your ■■■■ together, TC. This is really bad pre-release quality checking of your content. Sort it, please.


I understand missing dialogue in characters like Sam or Myrrah due to trouble reaching the VA but generic characters? that has no excuse.

This is very important. I was excited when I saw Captain Hoffman, only to be heavily disappointed with his Marcus voice lines (which are not fixed to this day), it completely ruined the character for me.

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Especially when the Commandos use new VAs. I think they’ve been recorded, I just believe TC forgot to implement them and will take a while to rectify this problem as no doubt they have bigger things to take care of, first. So long as they read this list and understand what needs to be done, that’s all that I need to know.


For now until they fix this they have some advantages when being silent on certain points.

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Oh, for sure. The silent Retro charges I’ve been making has caught so many people off-guard and triggered so many.

COG Commando Ninjas 🥷

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They should give you a pat on the back for pointing all this out. Doing the work for them even though you certainly shouldn’t have to.


It is crazy this has happened multiple times and I am wondering what causes it to happen.

Pretty sure @TC_Clown is the lead sound designer.

Mod edit: He isn’t allowed in the building.


Can we add saying “fabricator upgraded!” when they empty a tap, to the list.
The fact that’s even in makes me think some of their voice lines existed in 4.

Don’t forget Tai and Anya have dialogue emotes that still don’t work.

And Jinn.


Oh snap. I don’t play as her. My bad.

Just call them terminators and call it a day

So this is the new meme template making the rounds eh?

I need to get on this trend.

You’re late jumping on the bandwagon!

Yep, I’ll put that on the list. Though it isn’t missing dialogue, per se, it still needs changing.

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Put it on the list-points, yes-yes!

Half of this list can be condensed with “missing grunts/screams.”