COG characters on locust and vice versa

has anyone else encountered this glitch when playing as lets say the locust lo and behold there is a cog character playing as a locust and ive seen it the other way around WTF!!!


I’ve seen something like this, yes, at first I hoped it was an accidental allusion to Locust skins eventually being usable in PvE, but I have since learned that it is just a glitch.

Just came across it on quickplay

Was odd & interesting

i wana know how to do it looks fun

Its related to server strain, often pops up at the start of operations and then stops a few days in.

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It some how happens when you join a game that is already in progress that people have quit out of.

Has any one gotten stuck as a spectator in quickplay? I had that one happen to me after staying in consecutive matches of objective mode today. I did not spawn in and was stuck watching the other three players play.

Certainly funny no disrespect in saying this☺️

The COG hassss got a traitor! Long Live The Queen!

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Gotta love the Red Eyes Onyx Guard


It being a glitch is the literal first thing that comes to mind for many, I’m sure.

Plus, you were told that it wasn’t gonna happen.

Yes but that was after the first time I encountered this glitch, and I figured it was a glitch either way, I just know enough about coding to know that a certain amount of the framework has to already be there for this to happen.

These days though I know that most of that framework was for FFA and some horde events.

I still remember what I was told, I’m not regressing, down boy. :dog:

in quickplay i joined the cog team on checkout and i was the savage kantus, a couple matches later on checkout and then another player on cog was a kantus, next match on lift there was another locust (not kantus this time) on my cog team lol. ngl i was hoping i could keep playing as a kantus on cog but thats not happening lol

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Yeahhh i seen that we lost cus we tjought the skorge and locust grenadier were on swarm side but the were on Cog they had like a blue outfit when skorge got mvp

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