COG and Locust/swarm characters that are rarely used

I did this because i saw some people that thought it was rarely used last time, let me know your thoughts.

(with the exception of Spectre Swarm Sniper)

COG: All the Gears 4 new characters, all old versions of previous gears characters, V-day medics

Locus/swarm: All swarm characters

I dont see many swarm scions around. I would say delta guys seem to not be used alot

I see all characters mostly but there are rare ones you see.

COG: Vintage Marcus , BlkSteel Del, Dr. Coat Baird

Swarm/Locust: BlkSteel Sniper (both variants Swarm and Locust, Theron Elite, Heavy Scion

I run Palace guard , Vintage Marcus , & Killer Mike

But for things I rarely see : Pack 1 black steel skins, Feral swarms, vintage Shepards, sweater dizzy + imago, and gearsmas dr1