Code gw500 error steam pc

ı use windows 8.1 and game says you need direct x 12 but developers says windows 7 and 8 users can play the game what should ı do

I thought it was Win 7 and Win 10, not windows 8.

Where do the developers say win 8 can run it?

(IIRC they specifically said only 7 and 10 will work)

so windows 7 also doesnt support direct 12

Ok but that doesn’t answer my question, where do the developers say windows 8 will work with the game?

ı dont know maybe ı didnt read carefully so ı cant play this game with windows 8 is so ı refund the game how ı learn

If its something you made a mistake on i would refund the game.

If if it information put out by the devlopers or a gaming site it would need to be corrected so other people don’t make a purchase decision based on false information.

yeah but its ridicilous windows 7 and 8 nearly same why windows 7 can run game 8 dont .

You would have to ask the developers that. I would only be able to offer guesses.