COD Modern Warfare - Another full priced game going the Battle Pass route with microtransactions

As many here have said since launch but have largely been ignored and labeled as “defenders”…this is simply becoming a new trend in gaming. It’s not exclusive to Gears or TC.


Battle Pass has been around for a while now. Not sure who said it was exclusive to Gears.


Believe me I know that.

However Battle Passes for fully priced games was an extremely popular topic on these forums with hundreds of negative threads posted on it. It was also all over social media when the game launched.

You’re really going to tell me that you didn’t see any of that?


I knew this would be coming sooner rather than later to cod. Activision are just as greedy as TC. There was no way they would turn over a new leaf.

They just pretend to have no mtx at launch to get better reviews.

Only thing is, COD will make a ton off of it. Their player base is huge.

See I thought MW seemed too good to be true and that’s why I held off on buying it. Glad I did. Same thing happened with mwr all was going good then 3 months later supply drops lol

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That wasn’t really the point though, but ok.


Funny thing, since all mtx dlc in Gears are cosmetic only, I have no problem paying for them… Of all the things which I dislike about G5, the actual paid content isn’t one of them…

If G5 changes to where I like it, and if there will be things in the store which I will like, I’ll pay for them…

But seriously, for those who complain about the paid aspect of MTX… Consider a possibility:

what if you could, by paying (say) $10/month spawn with an Overkill in place of a gnasher, in Versus? How about $15/month for a lancer GL inplace of a lancer? Or $25/month for a longshot?

Ignoring the fact that would, IMO, instantly kill Versus in Gears, this is the type of crap we see in other games… at least Gears is free of that…

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How is the battle pass system greedy? It’s following the same mechanics as Fortnite, a one time payment and if you complete a majority of the pass you make enough in-game currency to buy the next one for free.
There are even earnable new guns in their battle pass that are free to earn by everyone. The only caveat is that you have to actually play the game.

Don’t get me wrong, Activision is a nasty company and have shown extremely underhand tactics in previous games with MTX’s but this is not that.


I was replying back to Ghoul as him saying Activision is Greedy. They can be greedy but the player base will purchase anything they put out.

He was referring to MTX, not the Battle Pass itself.

Battle Pass + MTX was already a thing in Black Ops4. something like 14 months ago.

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Yes this trend is the new cancer after loot boxes. Hopefully gamers don’t buy into this because it’ll only get worse and worse. Sadly there’s people defending this bs.

For certain games, yes players will buy it. If Gears did it, then no. It would fail miserably.

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And the same applies for Gears. And the same applies for pretty much any game now. Hek even Mario Kart on mobile has gone full MTX. And that’s Nintendo!! (Even worse bc that game suffers from a pay 2 win model)

The point is, it’s not about a specific game or developer anymore. This is the direction the industry is heading in unfortunately. People have spoken with their wallets.

People need to stop giving Gears and TC crap for something they probably had zero control over or zero say in. It’s everywhere now and bc of how people spend their money, probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon either.

At the very least Gears 5 offers optional free methods to unlock characters, and everything in the Tour of Duty is free.


Yeah and seasonal content can be done right too and it would be ok. Just look at Forza Horizon 4. Nyt what TC is doing is disgusting. Don’t know or care about CoD.

I haven’t seen anyone outright defend it. However I’ve seen people such as myself try to explain that unfortunately this has become the new standard whether we like it or not. Some people still don’t seem to understand that.


There really is nothing to explain. Battle Passes have been around for a few years and it’s nothing new. You are right about other companies doing the same thing though. They see one big company do it, then integrate it into their own work.

Yeah Battle Passes have been around for a long time, but full priced games with Battles Passes and MTX is relatively new.

The difference is, these full priced games, such as Gears 5, offer a lot of content and modes, which is what some are failing to see when they say Gears 5 should have been a free game and why you cannot directly compare a game like Fortnite to Gears 5.

You can’t give away a free game when you have a full blown Campaign, multiple Versus modes, Horde, Escape, and a map builder.

Once again I’m not defending this model, but people are clueless.

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Just because game studios and publishers are pushing it as a new standard it doesn’t mean consumers should accept it. Same thing was said about loitboxes not too long ago.

You can’t give away a game like Gears for free, that’s for sure. But you can release it without a f2p model. This is unacceptable.

You are not in a place to call others clueless with the stuff you’re coming up with. Just stop.