Coalition...where's my season reward master skin set?

Just got in from work, excited to play the new operation 6 that just went live earlier went into versus after ya know getting new stuffs in the store, and jumping into rank to receive last operation 5’s season rewards and got several duplicate ranks on up to diamond and no master set? I was masters rank in tdm, did as many, went solo with randoms,got the masters banner and mark to prove it,please give me the skins I more than earned. Thanks

in advance

Or do what everyone else does and be patient.

Also showed me as level 60 as my 28th re-up and I backed out of rank trying to figure out the whole afore mentioned non awarded master skin issue and went to customization menu and now it says I’m 100 ready to reup? Coalition…what is going on with this game?..again? I want to play this game at its BEST. Not this hit or miss stuff. This game is so much fun… when it works. I want you to know as a fan this game is by far the worste in the serious,but only because of the multiple issues it keeps having. Here’s a pic of the re-up I havent yet earned because last night when I played I think I was going into re-up 28 at only a 50sumthinish. Today said 60 and I was like eh maybe I did get that lastnight, but now its says this…and no by the way holding the x button down to receive the re-up doesn’t allow me to either.

Haven’t got mine yet either, but still patiently waiting. They said it could be anytime this week. Was looking forward to these too.

Yea man, earning them solo wasn’t easy, I’m sure anyone that went for it that way knows the struggle was real lol

It didnt pop up right away until i went to versus ranked an also i think you have to finish the season as a master to get it im not sure

Is that a kinect on top of your tv?

season 6 Master tdm wonder if I’ll get cheated out of this operations ranked reward master skins? I’m STILL waiting for operation 5’s master skins.