Coalition PLEASE add this to jack!

PLEASE add an ammo meter like the one on weapon lockers when using Portable Resupply card…Me, and many people i know that use it hate that you cannot see when a weapon is refilled unless they take it, or you use a locker to see. Also since its jacks main role to scrap, make it a bit easier to see dropped weapons Via Tac Com, or just in general. Thank you.


Seeing weapons in tac com is a genius idea :+1:


Grenade launchers!

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It would be nice if there was a ‘weapons on the field stat’ like there is for ‘power.on the field’ And while we’re talking Jack it’d be really cool to see him get some gestures & emotes, (I know this has been asked already) Thanks.

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Thank you and yeah i think it would be amazing if they added this in.

I’d love a card so all drop weapons glow for jack to see or everyone to see if jack has the card.

Lets give Jack a chainsaw >.>
Silent but deadly.
If you hear it, its already too late.

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Whenever I play as JACK, I always put “The Imperial March” on. Totally hypes me up.


That was a strong contender for my walking down the aisle song.

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What did you choose instead? Was it something really generic like Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” or something?

Ocean Princess

Timestamp below

Edit: To keep on topic this is also a good Jack song :stuck_out_tongue:

Chainsaw Jack! :sunglasses:

Jack needs the Freedom Lancer and thats it man hahahaha :slight_smile:


I think Jack should have expressions too

Oh my, yes. Seeing weapons on the tac com should come with the optimizer card. As someone who pretty much exclusively mains Jack on master, I’d also like the ability to tag enemies without have to stun, although I understand the logistics of that are impossible with no aiming. I really could fill a small book with suggestions for Jack…like making him automatically start to heal anyone down within his scope…nothing more annoying then trying to revive someone in a very messy situation only to have it start repairing barriers instead.


It definitely should be or at least part of his passive. Hell yeah my “Hot Rod Jack” is my main and there’s definitely a whole slew of cool things they could add to him, but i’d Say my second idea would be to have a card that lets him carry and scrap multiple weapons at a time. I mean its pretty sad when its one of his main roles and everyone else can scrap faster than him lol.

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100% agree. The time it takes to get to a weapon, pick it up, take it back and scrap is an abomination… especially for something that is so necessary for a 50 wave master run (power).At the very least, I wish they would shorten the time you have to press X to scrap by a few milliseconds. They should make it where you can pick up 3 or 4 reg weapons and 2 heavies. We should also be able to scrap damn grenades…it’s annoying AF when every drone with a Claw drops his grenade right by it. It messes up the flow drastically when you go to grab it and you’re already heading back as you grab it, just for it to be a grenade…and that winds up wasting precious time. Having to scrap (and sometimes repair if your team puts it all on you) in 30 seconds requires a focused rhythm that gets shattered easily and can waste so much power. Nothing worse than the wave starting and you see guns you couldn’t get to. :cry::cry:

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